Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stone Mountain Christmas...

Wow - I don't think I realized just how far behind I was - I thought I had at least finished 2011... but nope - hadn't even updated December yet - oops!  So here goes....

Stone Mountain has a really cool Christmas thing every year - so this year we decided to go and check it out with Aunt Brittoni and Uncle Bailey!!
Millie looks ready....
For some reason I really love this picture - what a sweet girl! :)
The kids (and Uncle Bailey) tried on some silly hats in one of the shops....
isn't Uncle Bailey cute! :)
HDG as a girl :)
Getting ready to go watch the Polar Express in 4D!!!
Decorating cookies...
We had already gone to see Santa - but Harrison had a change to his list - 
so he mailed Santa a letter at this special North Pole Express mailbox!
quick shot with the kiddos! :)
on the train - can you guess who's excited????
yep - this guy!
to keep Millie entertained we fed her marshmallows....
she loved it!
Mama and her sweet girl! :)
Daddy and his sweet girl!
Millie with a FULL mouth of something! haha!
HDG with Aunt Brittoni and Uncle B
now with mom and dad - I think he's getting tired of pictures...
MK staying warm! haha!

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