Thursday, August 20, 2009

MY BABY IS 2!!!!!

OH MY GOSH - I CAN'T BELIEVE MY BABY IS TWO!!!! Lets just take a minute to reminisce with a couple photos from August 2007...
Aww... here he is - only minutes old - getting his first bath- with his really bad cone head... poor thing - he wore lots of hats the first few days - but I swear by the time we went home it was normal - I SWEAR!!
With a hat on... MUCH better! :) Isn't he sweet!
Here he is at home (see I told you his head was normal by then) - LOOK AT THOSE GIANT HANDS!!! Man...I can't believe my big boy was once that small!!
Little peanut - taking a nap with mom - Oh how I miss those days!!
OK - enough reminiscing or I'll want another baby - and that's not in the budget yet!! HAHA!! Back to 2009.... For Harrison's party it was all about Thomas. I won't write too much - I'll just show the pictures...

Pre-party cheese puff snack
Present time!!
The train table came out - and I think he was in shock!!
All the munchkins playing with the trains!
Doin' what he does best... PLAY TRAINS!!
I'm not kidding... this kid played at this train table from noon until 7pm - with a very short hour nap - he refused to eat ANYTHING (and that includes birthday cake) until 7pm!!!!

Oh yeah - here's a pic of the home made cookie cake... yum!!!

Aunt Laura also got him a 6 foot round inflatable... we blew it up before the party - but it was soo hot - and the kids were so into the train table - that we didn't go out to play with it until the very end of the party - at that point it was just Harrison and Owen - and it kinda seemed like a cage match!! HAHA!!!

Here it is!!
They only played in there for a couple minutes - but they had a lot of fun while there were in there!

I love this shot I got of Owen!!

big hodgepodge...

So here's a hodgepodge catch up blog entry....
First - 2 weekends ago G came out to our house to help Corey finish the window seat he had started a while back... Harrison thought G came to play with him... HAHA
G let him hammer...
then they both got into the window seat for a little play time!
Next - Harrison wanted to hang out in the kitchen.... under the stools

It's like where's Waldo - but where's Harrison?!?!
How does that big man fit under there??
Different day - same trick!!
Bel wanted in on the action too... doesn't she look excited....
Next... a very quick bath time shoot

And last but not least... girls night with my SGHS girls....

Before we left - Harrison was running around the house in a AL football helmet!! :)
Playtime with Whitney!
Where's Harrison??
Group shot!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Free toys are the BEST toys!!

Most of yall know this already - but Harrison is a MESS!!! This kid plays hard ALL day - and while I'd love to take him outside and run him all the time - it's just too hot sometimes! SO - we have to find fun stuff to do inside. I'd been meaning to make him a "fort" for a while - just never got around to it! Well Tuesday night I finally got around to it - and I'm not kidding - it's Harrison's new favorite thing! He wakes up in the morning - and the first thing we hear over the monitor is - "Mama - Dada - I wanna go play in the fort!" It's really nothing more that a couple sheets draped over the kitchen table with some pillows underneath - but he LOVES it - and I didn't have to pay for it - and that makes it even better!!! :) Anyway - as always - here are some pictures... enjoy!
Here it is.... pretty amazing - right?!?! Even Bel looks jealous - haha!
Yes - my child wears Christmas pjs in August - I'm not ashamed!!! :)
This was an awesome game of peek-a-boo with dad!!! I love this picture - however I also love that I had just come home from the gym - and I was hot and sweaty - and I can never get him to smile like this with me when I have make-up on and look decent!! oh well!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

B-Day weekend

So last weekend was my b-day - YEAH! The birthday part wasn't overly exciting - other than the fact that I now officially feel like I'm in my late twenties - but it was a very busy weekend!
To kick the whole thing off - on Thursday night a couple of us had a going away dinner for our friend Michelle who's moving to Florida!
Then - Addie, Mrs. Garner, and I left early Friday morning for a women's conference in Greensboro, NC. The conference was called Deeper Still - and the speakers were Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and Kay Arthur - it was AMAZING! We were early enough both days to be able to sit on floor level - so we had great seats - here are a couple pictures...
Here we are - waiting for everything to start
Here Beth and Kay are praying for Priscilla before she speaks - I know I know - I should be praying - not taking pictures - it was just so cool I couldn't resist!
These boards were out in the main lobby for everyone to write prayer requests on - then right before the last speaker - they put them on stage - and this guy starting painting....
and this was what he did - right before our eyes!!
Ok - so we drove back to GA late on Saturday night - then Sunday was my b-day.... and no b-day would be complete without a b-day dinner with the family! My mom and dad took us to Pappasito's - YUM!!! I love this place!! If you haven't been - you should go - NOW! :) Here are a couple pictures of the evening!

Dad and his girls!
Don't ask me why they're doing this - or how it happened -
but it was so cute I couldn't resist!
once we got home - Nana and Laura chased Harrison around in the yard for a while - this was one of my favorite shots - Laura chasing Harrison - Lucy chasing Laura!! haha!
I love this one too - Dad had the camera and told us to strike a pose...
and this was what happened!!! HAHA - I love that kid!