Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas cards!

I just wanted to share how Harrison helped me with the Christmas cards...
Drooly McGee licking envelopes!!! HAHA!

The Pharr Bazaar

Peach Tree Owl did it's second craft fair a couple weeks ago at the Pharr Bazaar. Pharr is actually the elementary school that all the Garner kids went to - so it was fun to be there - but it was the first year the Pharr did this... so the business wasn't great. Anyway - I won't bore you with Peach Tree Owl stuff - but they also had some stuff for kids going on while we were there. Harrison came by with Corey - Mimi - and G for a while and got to decorate some sugar cookies! He had a great time - and so did Uncle Bailey & Brittoni!
Harrison decorating...
He looks very serious!
I didn't get a picture of Bailey smashing cookie in Brittoni's face - but I was able to catch Brittoni smashing cookie in Bailey's face!! Aren't they cute???

What a helpful little man!

Corey has been helping me do different things for my craft fairs... so a while back - he had to drill some holes for some ornaments... and when Corey went outside Harrison had a FIT! So Corey let Harrison go out and help him! I don't know how much help he actually was... but it was REALLY cute! (side note - the drill they are using belonged to Harrison's great great grandfather!!)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

AL Thanksgiving

We were in AL for Thanksgiving - Harrison spent the week with his great grand parents - and even spent Thanksgiving with his great GREAT grandmother!!! I realize now that I didn't take too many pictures - but here are a couple...
The Garner crew with Mamaw (Harrison's great great grandmother)
The boys with Mamaw
Harrison loves Aunt Addie's iPod touch!!
This is what happens when Daddy Jack is in charge of dinner!! :) Harrison LOVES it!! haha!

Trip to the TN Aquarium

So I'm a little behind - but to go back a month or so we stopped by the aquarium in Chattanooga on the way to AL for Thanksgiving. We had a really great time - Harrison loved looking at all the fish - and he especially loved watching "Mr. Ray" (from Nemo) in the big fish tank.
On the way up we stopped for lunch at our favorite place... CHICK-FIL-A!! :)
Isn't this cute... he was trying to pet Mr. Ray!
Corey might not look like he's having fun... but he is!! haha!
I LOVE this picture!!! So sweet!
This might be my new favorite picture of my two favorite boys!! :)
I don't think this kid ever stands still.... :)