Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Day 2010

Since everybody and their brother put all their snow day pictures up the very next day - I decided that I would wait a few days... just to make ours more special! You believe that right?!?! :) HAHA - anyway - here are some of our snow day pictures!
HDG dressed and ready to go!

Just getting out there and checking it out... Dad looks excited!

Such a sweet little face!

OK... this is going to start a series of photos of Harrison's favorite thing to do with the snow....

I made the mistake of telling him you could eat the snow.... and for the rest of the time we were outside he was CONSTANTLY eating the snow....

Harrison and Corey made a little snow man... so cute!

And then they made snow angels! :)

My two favorite boys!!
Doesn't this picture look like HDG is about to pelt someone with a snowball?!?! HAHA!
Family pictures - playing with the tripod!
We told HDG to try and catch some snow with his mouth open... I think he thought it would be funnier to just let Corey and I look like morons!

I don't know what we were doing here... but his face is priceless!

Happy snow day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Potty trained!!!!

Guess who's potty trained??? THAT'S RIGHT - HARRISON!!! It is SO awesome not to have to change diapers any more!! Corey and I can't really claim that we did much though.... it was clearly peer pressure at day care. One week he wanted nothing to do with the potty - then they move him up to the older class at day care - all the other kids are potty training... so Harrison decides he can do it too. Next thing we know he's not peeing in his diaper any more... and within a week he was completely potty trained! I'm talking we have only had one accident in 2 weeks - and that was very early on!!! We're so stinkin' proud of him!!! :) WOO HOOOO!!!!
Corey and I were changing the sheets on the bed -
and HDG decided to get up there and do the HAPPY dance!
Oh yeah... check out those boy boy underwear!
celebrating another accident free day with some stickers!


I think Harrison might have OCD... seriously! He loves to line up all his trains. Wait...not just line them up... they all have to be perfectly in a line... should I be worried???
Hey... has anyone else ever noticed how creepy the Thomas trains are???

OU Basketball game

Towards the end of January we attended an OU basketball game... I would love to say that Corey and I are just awesome alumni that go back to support our alma mater all the time... however that is not the case! :) We went back because our friend Liz was coaching the opposing team. It didn't feel right cheering against our team... so we just cheered for Liz instead! :)

Don't tell Liz - but I think all Harrison really cared about was the fact that he had popcorn!
Liz doing her thing!
See I was paying a little bit of attention to the game too! :)
More of Liz doing her thing!
Ok - Harrison had enough basketball - time for trains!
Harrison and Owen playing... trains of course! :)
I would pay big money to know what Owen was trying to tell Harrison here! haha!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Big boy bed at Nana and Papa's

A couple months ago when we were out at my parents house we had kinda toyed around with the idea of them taking down the crib at their house and putting up my old toddler bed... I thought it was just kind of a discussions... however we went out to my parents house in January - and the crib was gone!! I was kinda nervous - because Harrison still sleeps in the crib at our house... but he did AWESOME! Never got out of the bed all night - we were so proud!!! Anyway - here are a couple pictures from putting him in bed that night! Doesn't he look excited?!?! :)

Aunt Laura's B-day!

So.... almost a month ago Aunt Laura had a birthday (once again - I'm behind)! She got to choose where we went for dinner... and her pick was Big Pie in the Sky... a pizza place - with GIANT pizzas! The only problem with this place is that the wait is RIDICULOUS!!! After we ordered our pizza I think we sat at our table and waited for somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour. During that time Harrison got really hungry - and tired and had a TOTAL melt down. It was not pretty... so when the pizza actually got there Corey ended up leaving to take Harrison home... so sad!
This picture is more about the guy in the background than Harrison... Hitler maybe???
Oh yeah... I forgot - Harrison tried to strip at one point while we were waiting!! HAHA!
Laura and her pizza!
After dinner we came back to our house for some cookie cake... this year Laura requested a "double doozie" cookie cake. It was pretty awesome!
The "double doozie"
Laura and Erik with the cake
No caption needed! :)
Then we decided that we should try to crawl through Harrison's tunnel... Erik started it - and luck for him I didn't have the camera out yet - but by the time Laura tried it I was ready! I got a nice one of her tush - but she wouldn't let me post it... so here are some of the nicer pictures of Laura and I going through the tunnel!
Hope you had a happy b-day Laura!