Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So now that everyone is finally healthy - we decided it would be really nice to spend some time outside... at baseball games. Harrison, Uncle Bailey, Aunt Addie and I went to a Rome Braves game last Thursday - Corey, Harrison, and I went to a Rome Braves game on Saturday - and then Mimi, G, Corey, Harrison and I went to a Gwinnett Braves game on Sunday! Lot of baseball - but it was really fun!! I forgot to bring my camera on Saturday and Sunday - but here are a couple of pictures from the Thursday night game....

Aunt Laura made Harrison his own Braves shirt!!

What a big name to put on a little kids jersey!! :)

Harrison with Aunt Addie and Uncle Bailey!
Me and Laura
Harrison eatting corn - he loves this stuff!!
Harrison played outside with G on Memorial day - and he got really hot and sweaty - and he loved it!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

St. Simons trip

Here are some pictures from our trip down to St. Simons for Kristi and Johnathan's wedding:

First night down there - Harrison and Owen having a pizza party

After dinner we took the kids down to the beach - we figured they'd just play in the sand... but NO - Harrison and Bianca took off for the water fully clothed might I add!! Luckily I was in shorts and a tee shirt - so I could just go after Harrison - Aaron wasn't so lucky....

This is angry mama.... I was done... Harrison wasn't!

Next day - dressed appropriately for the water... Harrison took off again!!
This kid is a water baby!!!
How cute is his water suit?!?! :) Thanks Mimi and G!

Playing with the truck in the sand!

All the kids (plus Brooke) playing in the sand!

Harrison and Owen at the wedding - aren't they cute!!

Harrison jammin' out to the band!

Harrison and Bianca - looking out over the water.... how sweet!
Of course knowing these two they were just plotting how they could jump the fence and get into the water! :)
Family photo!

Another family photo - this time Harrison is OUT!! :)

Ready to head home!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oops... I missed two cute pictures!

Harrison wearing Daddy's shoes!! :)
and hard at work....

Forget a crazy week.... let's try a crazy month!

So today is officially one month since the roof and car accident. The roof has been fixed :) and I have a "new" car (a Honda Pilot just in case anyone cares) :) so we have lots to be thankful for!!! I've decided to just write the whole last month off as an "off" month - and move forward with happy thoughts!! :) SO.... I wanted to share with everyone the good stuff we've been up to over the last month!!
First: Addie and I went to a potluck dinner for our women's Bible study - and we were all in charge of our own center pieces for our tables. We decided to make an edible center piece for our table and it was SUCH a hit that I just wanted to share a pictures with everyone!

How stinkin' cute is that?!?!

Second: Harrison had some good times with Uncle Bailey on the lawn mower... Bailey looks like he's having fun... Harrison looks serious!!
Hey boys... shouldn't you keep both hands on the mower at all times?!?!

Third: We had a fun trip to Steak and Shake while we were out car shopping and Harrison had his first milk shake... YUM!!! CHEESE!!!

And finally: I caught a cute shot of Harrison napping peacefully with Corey - and just had to share...