Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Garner family Christmas photo

For those of you that don't get a Christmas card from Corey's parents I wanted to share with you their family Christmas card photo (for those of you that do I appologize in advance if I ruin it!). See - the Garners are all big football fans - and to add to that they are all fans of rival teams! Mr. Garner is a GA Tech fan - Bailey is UGA... Mrs. Garner and Addie are Auburn - and Corey, Harrison and I are all Alabama.... SO this year we did a house divided picture! I think it turned out pretty cute... it's just really hard to get a 15 month old to cooperate!! :)

The winner:

A couple other "cute" ones....

We don't need no stinkin' "baby" bag!

YEAH - Harrison has offically upgraded from the "baby" diaper bag - to a cool big boy bag!! It's Thomas the Train (of course) - and it's a bookbag - so when I get tired of carrying it around we can put Harrison to work and make him carry his own bag!! Yeah yeah - there are child labor laws - I got it!! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here's to you Daddy....

I don’t normally do this – but today I want to give my “baby daddy” a shout out!!
I think that sometimes I get so overwhelmed with my thankless mom duties and tasks that I forget what a great dad Corey is! He may not get home as early as I’d like him to or clean as much as I want him to but he’s a really great daddy (and he can change diapers with the best of them)!!! Hehe! We love you Corey!! Here’s to you….

For those of you that are interested - I made this mosaic on Big Huge Labs - go check it out!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

YEE HAW for the RODEO!

So my sister, Laura, has a good friend, John, who is a bull rider - and whenever John is riding in town or at least near by we like to try and go watch him.  So - Saturday night we went to a rodeo out near my parent's house in Monroe, GA.  Unfortunately - it was REALLY cold and windy and John didn't have a qualifying ride.. but it was still fun... right?!?!
Nana and Harrison
Papa and Harrison
Sorry - it's kinda dark - but here's one of the riders on his bull....
John and Harrison - can you tell Harrison was tired and ready to go home?!?!
Usually he loves John - I swear!
We didn't even get him changed before he was half asleep!!!

Thanksgiving #1

Over the weekend we went to our first (of three) Thanksgiving dinner - and let me tell you it was REALLY good!!!  We had just about all the traditional Thanksgiving foods - plus they made a fried turkey!!!  YUM!!  There was football - food - and friends - what more could you ask for?!? Harrison's friend Beckham was also there - and Missy (Beckham's mom) was even smart enough to bring toys for the boys - so they too had a great time!!  
Daddy trying to be funny - don't worry he's not hurting him....
Harrison enjoying some turkey!
Missy watching the boys!!
Harrison and Beckham playing together!
Harrison - would you please sit still?!?!
Justin and Gina with Harrison - don't they look cute!!!
All the girls! 
Back row: (L to R) Whitney, Tara, Kellee, Missy, me, Gretchen 
Front row: Denise, Katie, and Gina

Mom's favorite topic... FOOD!! :)

I know the doctors tell you - you're not really suppose to give kids peanut butter until their a year and a half - but because neither side of our family has any problems with peanut allergies we decided to take a chance and give Harrison his first PB&J sandwich the other day! He LOVE it!! We don't give them to him all the time.. but it's nice to add a little variety to lunch time!! :)

ALSO - last Monday was Pappasitos anniversary celebration - fajitas dinner for 2 - for the price of 1!! YUM!! Pappasitos is probably one of my FAVORITE restaurants - and I love them even more now because they have a GREAT kids menu!!! Harrison had a really good chicken quesadilla - and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed every second of it!!
Enjoying a little crayon snack while Uncle Bailey colors!
Maybe a righty?!?!
Chicken quesadilla - YUM!


Since our home computer has been messed up for about 2 weeks now I'm really behind on posting new pictures!  Instead of making a bunch of individual post I was thinking that I would just do one big random post (plus a couple more)!!  So here goes...
We brought a bunch of apples back from North Georgia... and well Harrison found one on the table (first of all 1 year olds shouldn't be able to reach the middle of the dining room table - but that's a whole different story) and before I could get to him he had already taken a big bite out of it... so I decided to just let him have it - and see what he would do with it.... 

And - here's what he did with it!!!  Pretty impressive huh!?!
Next - here are a couple cute pictures of play time with dad... and what happens when Harrison gets ahold of one of my hair bands!

Now - here are a couple pictures of Harrison and his friend Palmer at church. First Palmer didn't want to participate - then Harrison wasn't having any of it... then finally we got a cute one!!

And to finish up the random blog - here are a couple pictures of Harrison and the mess he can make with mashed potatoes...

Friday, November 14, 2008

I know I'm behind!

So our home computer has been messed for about the last week... but I'm going to my parents house this weekend - and I PROMISE to update the blog!!! :)  Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our little MONKEY!!

Technically this wasn't Harrison's first Halloween... but this was the first Halloween where he got to go out trick-or-treating - and it was so much fun!! :) We ended up going to Corey's parents house - and Harrison got to participate in their neighborhood costume parade... we'll sort-of. I'm pretty sure he never made any forward progress so we ended up being at the very end - and we ended up carrying him... just so we'd make it to the club house and the pizza this century! After pizza we went trick-or-treating and Harrison was a Monkey... and I'm pretty sure he was the cutest monkey EVER!!! Seriously - he can't say Trick-or-Treat yet... but when he went to the houses Corey would ask him "what does a monkey say" and he would go "ooo ooo ooo" just like a monkey!!! Anyway - enough writing... here are a couple pictures!

please note that he's holding his own pizza!!

still with a mouth full of pizza TRICK-OR-TREAT! Family picture!!

OH - did I mention that Harrison is currently OBSESSED with Thomas the Train?!?! Not kidding we doing something totally different but if I say the word Thomas or Train in any random sentence Harrison will really start going "choo choo"... anyway there was a kid in the parade dressed as Thomas and Harrison follow him around ALL night!!! Pretty funny huh?!?! :)

Update blog...

Ok - so I know I've neglected I'm blogging responsibility lately - and for that I'm really really sorry... I can only promise to try harder!!! I also know most of you only check this blog for the pictures... not the actual writing - so I'll try to keep the writing to a minimum and put lots of pictures up!!
So - the last time I blogged we had gone to the mountains... the Thursday after the mountains Harrison got to take a day trip to Chattanooga, TN with Mimi and Aunt Addie to meet Corey's grandparents (Harrison's great grand parents) Mama Dean and Daddy Jack. They met at a Cracker Barrel in Chattanooga - and from what I heard they had a blast!! Here are a couple pictures....

so many toys... where do I start?!?!
What a little wiggle worm!!

NEXT - Harrison and I went to Nana and Papa's house for the weekend so Corey could get this final cramming in for the CPA. So - the weekend of Oct 24-26 Laura, David, Harrison and I went to Stone Mountain park and climbed the mountain! I'm so glad David was with us - because seriously I got about 1/2 way up the mountain with Harrison on my back and I thought I was going to DIE!!! I handed Harrison off to David (in the hiking "back-pack") and I'm not kidding - he started running up the mountain with 30lbs on his back - WHAT A SHOW OFF!! :) Just kidding - thanks David - I wouldn't have made it to the top without you!! After our mountain hiking adventure we got our blanket set up on the front lawn area for the last laser show of the year! Before the show Harrison was all over the place - and I was pretty sure the whole laser show experience was going to be HORRIBLE - but as soon as the show started Harrison sat down and was a perfect angel!! What a shock!!! I don't have any pictures of this experience because I left my camera at home - but I'll see if I can get some from Laura and David and post them soon!!
That same weekend we also went to Ava's 1st b-day party... once again I forgot my camera until the very end - so I've only got one picture of Harrison and Ava... oops!! I really have to get better with taking pictures!! Here's all I've got of the b-day party...
Oh - and also at the b-day party we got "goodie bags" and in this goodie bag there were some Halloween glasses... please check this out!!! How funny!! I can only hope that Harrison doesn't get this daddy's bad vision... otherwise this is much less funny!! :)