Sunday, April 29, 2012

First half of February....

February started with the annual Super Bowl party... for the past couple of years we've hosted the event... but since Brooke and Scott have a larger venue and TV - we moved the event to their house and we just catered!
the cookie cake...
Millie got her pants wet before the party started and had to run around pants-less for a while - while her pants had time to dry! haha!
Cooper - probably hiding from Millie
Harrison - playing trains of course!
Millie... about to get into something I'm sure!
Harrison finally found someone who wanted to play trains!
Syd - relaxing and enjoying the game!
HDG taking a train break to come tackle dad!
we finally had to lock Millie in the TV room - she loved the stairs way to much!  
This is her sadly sitting at the gate watching all the kids playing on the other side!
Now on to Valentine's Day!


trying to get a picture of the two of them together is almost impossible!

Millie loves shoes - today she wore Harrison's around for a while! HAHA!

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