Thursday, June 16, 2011

Uncle Bailey's B-day/Memorial Day Weekend!

 HDG showing off his awesome Thomas apron!
 HDG showing that he can make crazy faces too! :)

Corey wants a Thomas apron too!
 hehe - check out Millie's owl pacifier!

 Mimi and MK!
 Harrison and Millie in their Master's outfits!
 out playing corn hole!
 Brittoni looks excited to be watching! :)

 Harrison showing us G's garden
 I love Brittoni's  throw!
 Millie and G

 Millie - showing off her guns!

 homemade whipped cream - Harrison loved it!
see - she does cry!

 haha - nice chocolate mustache HDG!

Aww - the soon-to-be Garner family!
our crazy crew!

A Post Full of RANDOM!

This is basically just a post full of RANDOM pictures! :)
 Harrison LOVES his Thomas stickers!
These next few pictures are from a Cars 2 promotional thing that Brooke and I took the boys to.  There were some life size Cars characters - and some posters to take pictures with - plus a giant inflatable obstacle course to play on!  It wasn't anything too special - but the boys loved it! :)
 Lightning McQueen
one of the new characters - Holly Shiftwell

 MK - just chillin' out!
 HDG waiting in line!
the obstacle course

Millie and Owen! 

 Harrison and Owen with Mator!
 MK - eating "baby crack" aka Puffs!
 The Corn Hole boards I FINALLY painted!
 MK and HDG are always grabbing at my glasses - so I let them try them on - haha - aren't they cute!  Although considering their dad's eyes - they might as well get use to glasses.... poor things!
 Another MK crazy face!
 happy girl!
 someone's ticklish!
first bath together! 

 She's already trying to climb the stairs....
daddy's girl! :)