Saturday, November 5, 2011

HDG plays soccer!

So at our park Harrison isn't really old enough to play soccer - but they have a program called the  "little stars" where the kids come every Saturday for 6 weeks for a big practice - where they just get to come out and basically practice with their parents.  It's really cute!  Here are some pictures from his first "practice".
 When we first got there - they asked the kids to write their name on their ball.
 He's ready to play!
the fundamentals - toe touches on the ball
 the "helicopter"
 the craziness.....
 This is a game where they dribble around - then the coach tells them to stop the ball with a specific part of their body...

 HDG wasn't too sure about using his head!
 Now it was dribble the ball and try to grab your partners tail...

 Dad helping HDG with some instructions...
 Time for some "red light - green light"
 HDG was the winner!
 both sets of grandparents came to watch
 so did Uncle Bailey
then Nana said "race you to the car for a snack" - and he was off!! :)

A shower for the future Mr and Mrs Garner!

Addie and I wanted to throw a shower for Bailey and Brittoni - something fun - and laid back - and of course it had to involve football if we wanted the guys to come! :)  So one Saturday in September we all got together at their new place - and had lots of food and lots of fun!
 Addie must really love B&B - she doesn't just stick her hand in meat for anyone!
 that's love!
 Corey rolling out the dough for the strombolli....yum!
 look at the concentration!
 don't you like the banner I made?!?! :)
 the cute couple!
 Brittoni is excited!
 so is Addie!

 practicing feeding each other cake... haha!
 We made a "bucket of dates" and everyone was suppose to leave date ideas in the box for B&B... 
as you can tell - some were pretty entertaining!

 opening gifts.... Bailey looks really excited!

 Brittoni was having too much fun!

 Addie cleaning up - what a good host! :)
  Then a good old fashion game of twister broke out!  I think that's always a good sign of a fun party! :)  
I hope Bailey and Brittoni had as much fun as we did!!

On to September...

Labor Day weekend I went on a girls trip with some of my college girlfriends!  Unfortunately Tropical Storm Lee decided to join us on the Gulf.... meaning we didn't really didn't get much beach time - but we had a great time just hanging out together! :)  I'm not going to put many of our pictures up here... but here's our view from our balcony...

and here's a quick group shot!  Love these girls!
 Here is some of Harrison's AWESOME bath art!

 Love this little face!
 excuse me mom... I'm reading!
 another father daughter moment
 Corey and I celebrated out 6th wedding anniversary on Sept 10.... and Aunt Laura came over to babysit so we could have a date night!  Yeah Aunt Laura!

 I don't usually leave the laundry basket downstairs - but the one time I did MK found it and thought it was a toy for her... too cute!

 This child is a mess!!!  If I turn around for 2 seconds she does this....
 This is normal in our house....
 Harrison wanted to take a picture with Millie... instead he ended up choking her....
 Sweet girl!
Millie isn't really allowed in the kitchen at our house - but since Mimi and G have a very open kitchen they can't really keep her out.... SO she LOVES to play in their tupperware cabinet!!  haha!!