Friday, May 27, 2011

7 months....

Just a quick comparison at 7 months.... HDG on the left - MKG on the right

I'd say they look similar! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Papa's Birthday

These are from Papa's birthday a couple of weekends ago....
Millie rolling around - she's all over the place these days!
HDG taking a picture of me taking a picture! :) Love it!
Aunt Laura feeding Millie - looks like she's having a lot more fun than when I feed her!
look close - it's her first tooth!
Papa getting his birthday gift.... Laura photoshopped a picture of Dad standing beside a NASCAR
I think this was him saying - is this real?
Laura explaining that he gets to race 6 laps around Atlanta Motor Speedway - pretty cool!
The Oreo cake that I made - yum - but super sweet!
HDG wanted to play some baseball in the yard after dinner
he did pretty good - and Aunt Laura set up some bases for him to run...
my favorite part was that Laura told him to slide into home from 3rd - so every time he rounded third he would hit the floor and roll into home!  HILARIOUS!
I love the focus on Corey's face! haha!

Happy Birthday Papa!

May - the random stuff

Here are just a couple of random shots from May...
trouble 1 and trouble 2...

sweet girl - i just can't stop taking pictures of her!
I was practicing indoor photography without a flash.... cute subject huh?

this child will have wrinkles before she's 3!!!

as much as he bothers her - she LOVES him!
I love that it looks like Corey is sleeping here - while Millie is wide awake!
but don't worry - he's really awake! :)
These are from a cook-out at the Logan's house!
Millie and her friend Evan
the boys playing cornhole
baby Max! :)
Corey teaching HDG to play cornhole
love this one - Andre harassing HDG! :) haha!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The rest of April

I love this series of Millie and Bel...
Millie spotted Bel across the room - and made her way over....
They stared at each other for a while...
then Millie decided she wanted to get even closer....
and she decided to grab a hand full of fur - and Bel didn't move!
Right after I took this picture Bel got up and ran away! :)
I can never get them both looking good at the same time!

and of course Millie had to throw in some crazy faces....
love this one!
after that one I had to throw in a couple cute ones of her!
We also got to take a trip to the zoo with a couple of my cousins and their kids in April....

the two oldest - checking out the flamingos!
Millie - just trying to stay out of the sun! :)
please notice Harrison and Christian climbing on the fence!
my little lion
those two look like crazy birds! :)