Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hilton Head & New Years

Here are some pictures from our annual trip to Hilton Head...
I now realize that I didn't get too many pictures from early on in the week - but here is one of Harrison walking out to the beach all bundled up!
Our dinner at Wild Wing Cafe - this is the before.... something like 120 wings....
The after... I think there were about 20 wings left - pretty impressive considering there were 7 adults - 3 boys - 4 girls - and none of the girls ate over 10 wings....

Our trip to Savannah....
Harrison loved all the "cheep cheeps"
This is a kind of photography called HDR.... I'm just learning how to do it... but if you want to see what a professional can do go check out Trey Radcliff's site - Stuck In Customs - his stuff is pretty incredible!!!
The Lady and Sons... Paula Deen's restaurant...yum!!
On the way back to the car we stopped in one of those little courtyard areas to take some fun pictures - Bailey and Brittoni got some really cute shots - but my favorites were the ones with the crazy lady in the background (see above picture) - this lady chased people around in her wheel chair - wore a crazy yellow wig - and wore flip flops that were really just soles tied on with ribbons - with socks! :) haha! She was hilarious!
Back to Hilton Head...
Corey and I right after midnight on New Years - I was just so proud we actually stayed up till midnight this year! HAHA - we're so old and lame! :)
The Saturday before we left we went down to the beach to take some pictures... Harrison didn't really like the picture part - but he did loved chasing the birds!
This year we all wore shades of blue - or white - so I thought this was a fun edit!
This is one of my new favorite family shots! :)

Christmas with the Garners

Here are some pictures from Christmas day with the Garners...
Corey got new slippers - doesn't he look happy!!
Harrison looking at a couple of his new movies!
HDG also got this cool tunnel/playhouse!
It had Thomas on it - he was super excited!
After all the fun he layed down to relax on his awesome new monogramed bean bag!! I love it!
After we opened present with Corey's parents we went over to his grandparent's house for dinner. I didn't take any fun pictures - but we did get a cute group shot!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas with the Harrisons

Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my parent's house...

Aunt Laura - HDG - and Lucy playing with Play-Doh!
Harrison... you were suppose to be helping with the sausage balls.... what happened??
Running around the house half dressed... this is pretty normal! HAHA!
PS - look at those abs... what a STUD! :)
Quick picture in front of the tree before everyone got there!
Corey helping the munchkins decorate sugar cookies!
Corey.... having fun?? He's such a good dad! And please check out that awesome shirt... it's like a tacky Christmas sweater.... in t-shirt form! HAHA!
After everyone left Corey pushed Harrison around on the hardwood floors... Harrison thought it was the best thing ever... he kept saying "DO AGAIN!"
Christmas morning!
Lucy wanted to help!
Harrison showing Corey how to work his new computer!
Time for a book break!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life - Nights of lights!

Like most other 2 year olds Harrison loves Christmas lights... and so does his friend Owen! SO.... we decided to take the boys to the nights of lights at Life college. The boys loved the lights and at one point they saw a choo choo train... and Owen started saying "Choo choo all aboard AHHHHH" and Harrison thought it was hilarious... so it continued.... haha! Here are a couple pictures from the night - the video of Owen - and a couple of pictures of Harrison with his Krispy Kreme doughnut on the way home.
Harrison laughing at Owen...
Owen trying to figure out what the heck Harrison is doing??

Not the best picture... but wanted to show yall how much I love my Pilot - because you can get 2 car seats on the 3rd row!! :) love it!
Harrison "cheesing" with his doughnut! Yum!
Look how much I've eaten dad!
Licking his fingers... making sure he got it all!! Dad is SO proud!

Christmas #1... AL style!

I know I'm WAY behind on blogging... so instead of writing too much I'm just going to post a lot of self explanatory pictures! :)
Here are some pictures from our first Christmas celebration with Corey's mom's side of the family in AL...
HDG with Daddy Jack - he loves this guy! :)
We play the gag gift - stealing game - and Harrison got to play this year... his first steal was the popcorn that he's sitting on in this picture! haha! That little man knew what he wanted!
Uncle Bailey got a Krispy Kreme calendar that had coupons.... he looks happy!
I got a gingerbread house kit... and I took pictures while everyone else put it together... Harrison had a great time!
Lots of hands in there!At one point we all started singing Jingle Bells and Harrison thought it was the best thing EVER!
Love this face!
Kayla was giving him sprinkles... he was supper happy!
Look how hard Aunt Addie was working!
Final product! Aren't they cute!
Here's a group shot from the last day!