Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Visiting Elli Kate!

So Harrison and I went out to Nana and Papa's again last weekend - this time to go see some friends of ours that were in town - Andrea and Elli Kate!! Harrison doesn't know this yet - but Elli Kate is his future girlfriend!! :) He wasn't really that interested this time - but don't worry Michael - it won't be long before you have to run him off!!
I'm so sad- this is the only picture I have of the two of them "together"
Harrison is doing a karate chop - and you can't see Elli Kate's face...
oh well I'll get a better picture next time.....
See - isn't she pretty?!?!?
and so stylish!!!
Her onesie says "KISS ME I'M CUTE" hehe!!

Here are some bonus pictures of HDG - they're out of order... but just go with me....
Earlier in the day Harrison and I played some soccer in the back yard

Then we stopped to smell the flowers - literally!! :)
and finally we had pizza for dinner.... this big man had 2.5 pieces!!!! What a champ!!!

A weekend with both grandparents....

The weekend of the 18th we went out to see both sets of grandparents. First it was Nana and Papa's house - nothing too exciting but you know I like to put pictures up anyway....
there's my little cowboy!!
he's so musical...
always playing!!!

This is a riding toy that I had when I was little.... Harrison loved it - and wouldn't let go of it even though he was way too big to ride on it!!
Next - it was off to Mimi and G's...
Harrison eating AGAIN....
He's messy!!!
Next Harrison wanted to try on Aunt Addie's HIGH heeled shoes.... HAHA
it wasn't easy at first....
but he got the hang of it!!
as we got ready to leave G found a baby bird stuck in their garage -
Harrison looks very concerned....
quick picture with Aunt Addie and Mimi
having a snack in the car.....
AND last but certainly not least.... my new favorite picture!!!

RODEO TIME! (a non Harrison post)

I think I've talked about this before... but Laura has a friend that is a bull rider - and whenever he's riding in town we try to go see him. Well July 11th he was in Cartersville - so we went!! Rodeos are great... however the people there are almost more entertaining than the actual rodeo!! Please check THIS guy out:
yeah.... that's the kind of people I'm talking about!! HAHA!! So anyway - I'll apologize in advance - it was really dark in there - so taking picture from the stands was almost impossible... but I tried anyway!!
First up - they had the kids chase these little calves around the arena trying to pull ribbons off their tails - the kids who got the ribbons got prizes.... it was a MAD HOUSE....
Next up - only the teenage - young 20 something girls were allowed in the arena - and they basically wrestled in the mud for these globe/egg things that may or may not have had prizes in them... as a female it was really embarrassing - because these girls got NASTY!!! Not like muddy nasty - they got MEAN - there was hair pulling and hitting... and the best part was that this one girl got the globe with the prize in it - but they didn't tell the other girls for like 10 minutes - so they just kept wrestling.... stupid girls!
Next up - and my real favorite of the night - was the WILD cow milking!!! That's right... there were teams of 3 - and these boys had to chase a cow around the arena - then stop it so they could milk it.... WOW - who thought this was a good idea?!?! Ok - maybe not the best idea - but it was really entertaining!!! HAHA!
this is the cow dragging the boys around the arena.... she was NOT interested in being milked!!!
And finally here are a couple of good pictures from the night...
Here's a behind the scenes shot
And here's Jon riding!

Did someone say potty training????

Somewhere around the end of June - beginning of July Harrison became very interested in the potty... so we figured it might be a good idea to work on potty training. We bought the training pull ups and a little potty - then decided to introduce Harrison to the potty...... needless to say he thought it was a new toy.... and here's what happened

Yep.... he put it in his mouth....
Just in case anyone was wondering.... potty training came to an abrupt halt when Harrison accidentally pooped on the potty!! He is now completely terrified of the potty. We are currently just trying to get him to sit on the potty..... oh what fun!! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy 4th of July - Part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures....
Sprinkler time!!!

Daddy and little man - how sweet!!!
Harrison with Mimi and Daddy
Hawaiian ice... he's eating again!!!!
Harrison with Mimi and G!!
Walking around waiting for the fireworks!!
Quick family shot
Corey taking pictures of fireworks!!

Another family shot
All the Garners
Garners and Sneeds!!