Friday, November 12, 2010

Millie's first photo shoot

Here are some pictures I took of Millie the week Nana was here...

I actually crocheted this hat for her... I know - I know - I'm a grandma!
I love this face!

I know she's crying in this one - but I still think it's cute! :)

Ok - So these next photos kinda have a funny story... I saw a photographer use a little red wagon as a prop in a photo shoot one time - and I thought it would be cute to use Harrison's little wagon... however I think Harrison's little wagon was smaller than the one the photographer used (or Millie is WAY bigger than the baby in the pictures) because I'm pretty sure Millie didn't fit.... and she was not happy about it! :) haha!

this is actually the dress I came home from the hospital in...

So sweet!!!!

Week 2 - Nana's turn...

Week 2 - Nana comes in to take over for Mimi -
HDG and Nana did some fun stuff - like making cookies...
then Nana put Harrison to WORK! :) I love it!!

That weekend we went up to North Georgia to get some apples - and basically just to get out of the house for a while...
Nana and Millie in Blue Ridge!
Harrison playing on the train tracks - his FAVORITE thing to do when we go to the mountains!
Family picture under a pretty tree - I love North GA when the leaves change!
just the girls :)
Harrison and Papa
I love this one!
After Blue Ridge we went back to Laura's neck of the woods where the fire department was having their Fall get together for all the firemen and their families. We're not technically family - but Erik (Laura's boyfriend) invited us - so we went! :)
Corey, Laura, and Harrison going on the hay ride...
Aunt Laura and Millie
Erik and Millie
There were also a couple "mini" horses pulling carriages that the kids could ride on - Harrison thought this was AWESOME! Please notice that he's trying to take the reigns from the little girl that's driving the carriage!! haha!
Notice how excited he is to be riding in between the two big girls!
Roasting marshmallows
Eating the marshmallows! :)
Papa and Millie taking a nap in the nursery
This is a vintage - 1980s after bath robe - I think it's ADORABLE...
Corey thinks she looks like a little gnome... I kinda agree - but she's the cutest little gnome EVER!
This is why we call her "smooshie"
Corey and his kiddos
Harrison loves to hold his little sister - and kiss all over her!
Nana and the munchkins right before she left! :(

Week 1 - Mimi to the rescue

I love that when we have a baby my mom and Corey's mom each come and stay with us for a week! It's AWESOME - I LOVE it - and I really really appreciate all the help. I genuinely have no idea how other moms do it without the extra help?!?! My mom got the first week with Harrison - so this time Mimi got to come home for week 1...
Here are some pictures from Millie's first week:

HDG helping Mimi feed Millie Kate a bottle
Mimi and MK "sunning" - trying to get rid of the jaundice!
My little redneck child wanted to take his shirt off while we were outside playing... cute right? :)
By the end of the night he had taken everything except his boxers off... crazy kid!
While we were in the hospital the Disney channel had a Handy Manny "Family Night" movie - so the first night we got home we had a "family night" and watched it!! Harrison wanted Millie Kate on the bean bag with him!! :)
Here she is up close!
Kisses from the boys! LOVE IT!
Since Aunt Addie lives out of town she had to wait until the weekend to come visit her new little niece - but don't worry she made the most of her weekend and spent lots of time with MK!
her first bath - she was NOT very happy!
Our friends from Nashville - the Prices - came to visit while they were in town for a wedding - here are all our ADORABLE munchkins!!! :)
Millie Kate meeting her first little girl friend - Lyla! :)
Harrison and Marlie are a MESS - trying to get a picture of the two of them was almost IMPOSSIBLE - I think this shot pretty much sums them up perfectly!
Here's the best shot we got.... oh well!
Family picture - if only Millie was looking in the direction of the camera...
PS - please check out my silly bands - pretty awesome right?? Aunt Addie brought those to Harrison as part of his "big brother" gift - and he gave us all silly bands to wear! They were Thomas - don't be too jealous! :)
Harrison thought the Boppy was cool - HAHA!
The weekend after Millie was born was Corey's birthday - so his family came over to celebrate! We had steak and potatoes and turtle brownies - and it was awesome!! :) I love this picture because we actually have the same shot of Corey with Harrison when he was only a couple of days old :)
HDG playing with G :)
Corey had to head back to work on Monday morning - so here he is with MK before he left for work... sad!
Millie's first trip to the park
Since the weather was so PERFECT that week - there was lots of outside time. Harrison even took his trains out on the back porch to play while Mimi and MK watched.
I think that about wraps up week one.....