Thursday, July 28, 2011

Millie Laughing...

I put this on Facebook - but since not all my family/friends have Facebook - I thought I'd post it again here!  I love Millie's sweet little laugh - but I know I'm a horrible mom - because the end of this video CRACKS me up!!!  Hope you enjoy! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trip to Nashville...

So I know this one is out of order - because I haven't even posted 4th of July pics yet... but I just had to post these!  These are from our wonderful trip to Nashville last weekend!  We went up there to visit some friends - the Prices - and of course see Aunt Addie - PLUS Aunt Brittoni and Uncle Bailey came too - so it was a weekend filled with good friends and family! :)
We got in on Friday night - and just decided to go to dinner and hang out at the Prices house - something calm and low key so we could just relax - and I decided that was my night off from the camera - so there are no pictures from that night! :)
Saturday we got up and went to James' parent's house (they have a pool) and our plan was just to hang out at the pool ALL day!  It was the best idea EVER!  We had tons of food - and fun - and we have the pictures to prove it...
Millie and Lyla playing... 
Lyla is 17 months old - Millie is 9 months... Millie weighs about 3lbs more - and might have an inch on Lyla!  The best part is that Lyla called her "baby" and tried to pick her up! :)  
They're going to be great friends! :)

 Marlie's Aunt Katie was playing games with Harrison and Marlie - this is them in a "FREEZE"!  
Lyla getting into her diaper bag!
sneaky sneaky! :)
 the girls playing again - they were so good together!

 Marlie and Harrison playing the piano...

pool time 
 Aunt Addie and HDG
 Harrison and Marlie playing Skee Ball...  
hey HDG I don't think you're suppose to sit on the game like that!
 Brittoni and Bailey both playing some serious pinball - they refused to look up and mess up their games!
 Lyla found Harrison's secret stash of Fruit Loops and cookies.... haha!
 Millie in her cute little AL dress!  Everyone there really loved it - 
especially since they're Tennessee fans! haha!
 Corey and HDG playing Pac Mac - again - looks serious!
 the girls were playing baby doll - too cute!
uh oh - it's time to get ready for pictures! 
 Sarah makes tutus (go check out her Etsy shop - Penelope Pinky if you're interested) so all the girls got cute little tutu's for the pictures - and Harrison wore his pink shirt! :)
Lyla is ready!

Ok - here goes all the swing pictures..... 

 I like this little moment between the Garner kiddos!

 Harrison wanted to hold Lyla's hand! :)

 Marlie looks like she's sayin "Whatcha talkin' about Willis?"
 Harrison holding Millie's hand... too sweet!
 This is my compilation of the best pic of each kid.... I kinda like it!

 please notice the choke hold Harrison has poor Millie in... poor kid!

 I LOVE this picture of the two of them!  I think I'll have it framed!
 Marlie and Harrison said they were married - 
and that whole day she'd say things like "Come on Honey" 
- and the best part was - he listened!!! :)

 MK with Aunt Addie
 I think this was at dinner - we strapped the little ones down to the wagon - it was pure genious!
 never a dull moment with these two!
 With their 4 year old cookies that Aunt Katie made!
I can't believe they're about to be 4!!!!! 

 I love this - both of them on Marlie's horse!!
The little girls playing with magnets on the front door! 
Group shot right before we left to head home :(  
Thanks again for a wonderful weekend - 
can't wait to see yall in October for Bailey and Brittoni's wedding!!! :)