Monday, August 16, 2010

New videos of HDG

This video is HDG saying the pledge.... please notice that at the end he says "with liberty and justice frogs"!! He use to say "for frogs" but he dropped the "for" - it was funnier before... but oh well!! :) haha!

This is Harrison singing the 12 months of the year... however - he's still learning - so right now I only hear 10 months in the year.... haha! :)

HDGs Birthday Fun!

I'm nothing if I'm not slow... Harrison's birthday was AUGUST 15th.... I can't BELIEVE my baby is 3!!!
On his birthday - we let him choose what he wanted to do... and he decided he wanted to go to the park... or as he calls it the "park and slide"!!
Quick family picture - after church - before the park!
Harrison and Dad on the slide
me and HDG - I love the way I used him to hide my big belly! haha!
Harrison and I holding up 3 sticks - to show how old he is!
more sliding....
and MORE sliding...
and Dad sliding :)
So when we asked Harrison what he wanted for his birthday dinner... his answer was "steak and potatoes"... he's only 3.... I think I'm in trouble!! haha!! :)

Then for dessert I tested out some ice cream cone cupcakes - they were so cute - and HDG loved them so much that I made them for him to share with his class at school the next day!! :)

And of course to finish off the day... there was bath time....


Stone Mountain B-Day celebration

There are still a bunch of pictures I haven't edited yet... but here is a group shot from our August birthday celebration at Stone Mountain Park. We have lots of August b-days... so here's a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to - me (2), Addie (12), Brittoni (13), Harrison (15) and Erik (16)!!! YEAH AUGUST!!! :)
A shot of the mountain while we were waiting for the laser show to of my new favorite shots... Laura giving Erik a super high five on top of the mountain!!!

Michelle and Conor's wedding!!

So Michelle and Conor got married last month - and Corey and I were both in the wedding... I took more pictures than this... but I haven't had time to edit them.... so here are a just a couple of the cute ones! Hopefully if I get some more time I can edit some more soon and post them :)
Most of the brides maids
The "quad squad" :)

I was trying to take a picture of everyone at the rehearsal dinner - and I told Liz to "act normal" - this is what I got! haha!
Abby being Abby....
Frankie and I
Kristi and Michelle - at the hair place
Frankie and Abby - getting ready
The beautiful bride :)
Family picture on the beach - LOVE IT!!! :)

HDG's Big Boy Room

Just wanted to give everybody a quick glimps of HDG's big boy room... there's not really anything on the walls yet... but we'll get there... eventually! :)

4th of July - Part 2 - Sprinkler Fun and Fireworks

Here are a couple more from our weekend....

Trip to Kreme Delight with Mama Dean and Daddy Jack!

Here are some cute ones of HDG playing in the sprinklers....

hehehe - i love these! :)

I love this one too... it looks like he's saying "LOOK AT MY BELLY!!"
Man I love that cute little belly!! :)
Flying on Brittoni's feet - he loved it!!
then Aunt Addie was showing him how to do a hand stand!! haha!

After church on Sunday we always do nice family pictures... here are a few -

Normally on the 4th we head over to the local high school for a fire works show... however the stinky mayor decided that since the 4th fell on a Sunday this year - that he didn't want them to do the firework show on Sunday night... I'm not really sure why - but that's what he decided... ANYWAY - we had to drive about 30 minutes away to see another firework show - and it was so packed - that we didn't' really get to see too much - but we had fun hanging out....

it was a little past HDG's bedtime - but he was a champ!! :)
The whole crew! :)

4th of July - Part 1 - Kiddie Carnival and Golf

Every 4th of July we head to Alabama - for some family time - and some Kiddie Carnival fun! :) This post is pretty self explanatory.... but here are some pictures of Harrison at the Carnival...

The whole time we were there the train was having some engine trouble - the first night it started out working - then stopped - so they had it in the shed for repairs... Harrison wanted to ride it SO bad - that he just stood there and watched them repair it for a while rather than going to ride the other stuff.... poor kid....

waiting patiently :)

We did eventually get him to go do some other stuff.... like ride the cars... but he went back to waiting on the train not too long after this shot!!
PS - I think this might be the last year that he can ride the cars... he's getting kinda big!! :) haha!at some point in the night Bailey and Brittoni showed up!! YEAH! Aren't they cute?!?! :)

By the end of the night Harrison was pooped.... he looked like he was just in a daze all the way to the car!! :)

The next morning the boys went to play golf - Brittoni and I just tagged along for the ride in the golf carts... and to take pictures of course :)

Colby helping HDG putt...
Dad helping HDG putt...
What HDG really enjoyed doing - playing in the cart and eating/drinking whatever he could find!! haha!
We also went to the Kiddie Carnival that night - but I obviously wasn't really in a picture taking mood that night - because I only took a couple - and this was the only cute one!
Harrison riding the train - and blowing his train whistle!!

Here are more pictures from the Kiddie Carnival the NEXT night....

HDG didn't really want to ride the carousel - but he said he would if Aunt Addie would ride with him... haha! I don't know why - but this kid does not like carousels?!?! WEIRD - right?!?!

I loved this shot of Addie!!!

Daddy Jack was working at the snack shack - and Harrison had to go in and visit him!!
HDG LOVES Daddy Jack!! :)

Then we moved onto a new ride that Harrison didn't do last year. I'm not sure what it's called - but it's the ride where it spins in circles - then the seat your sitting in spins too.... you know what I'm talking about... anyway - HDG loved this - and rode it a TON!! I love his smile here - this is pure joy!! :)

Family shot - but HDG is trying to get down so he can go ride the "spinny" ride again!!

and he's off again!!

the he moved to the planes for a while....

the Garner boys!!
Since we have "connections" and know really important people - aka Daddy Jack... once everyone else goes home Daddy Jack will turn on the big swings so the big kids can ride!! I usually love to ride - but being prego I sat it out to take pictures this year...

HDG and G before the ride begins!

Corey would kill me if he knew I put this up... but I thought it was too funny!! haha!
Love you dear! :)

Here's the whole crew after they rode the "big swings"... they look a little wind blown - but cute!

HDG catching a ride on dad's shoulders back to the car! :)