Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in Alabama

This past weekend we went to Alabama to celebrate Christmas with Corey's mom's side of the family. It was kinda rainy most of the time we were there - but that didn't stop us from having a great time!! Harrison got his first round of Christmas presents - his favorite toy was a bulldozer... while my favorite gift for him was an Alabama football uniform - complete with football pads and helmet!! ADORABLE!!
He is picking up on SO much right now!! Just this weekend alone he learned about 5 new words - including... shoes, Bay-bay (for uncle Bailey), pizza, what a bird says, and my personal favorite - when we ask him to say Nana (which is my mom) he says Papa (my dad) sorry mom - at least he knows that Nana goes with Papa!! :)

Here is most of the crew... please notice Corey's "sexy" model pose... is anyone else scared??

Harrison with Mimi and Kayla - I don't think that child is EVER able to just sit still!!

I love this little family picture - even though Harrison has a cell phone in his mouth! :)

playing with his bulldozer..

still playing!

Here he is in his AL football uniform with G - isn't it SO cute!!!

He looks like a real football player!

Uncle Bailey wearing Harrison's helmet!! HAHA!

This is a little golfer that stands by the back door at Corey's grandparent's house - Harrison is the same size as him - and he couldn't quiet figure him out!! haha!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The REAL Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving started on Wednesday (Nov 26 - MAN - I'M WAY BEHIND!) Anyway - we got out to my parent's house on Wednesday afternoon - and that night Laura and David had an indoor soccer game... so we went and watched - the only problem was the game didn't start until 9pm AKA - Harrison's bedtime... so he was a little out of control!!

This is Corey trying to control Harrison in a loving way....

He loved it - I swear!

That had absolutely nothing to do with Thankgiving - but I thought I'd share it anyway! :)

Moving on.... Thursday morning we woke up early (thanks Harrison) and had breakfast - Mom makes home made biscuits - and Harrison of course always gets his own! hehe! Easy champ... I swear no one is going to take your biscuit!! :)

So I feel bad - I had done soo well at the last 2 Thanksgivings about taking pictures... that by the time I got to the real Thanksgiving I totally forgot.... oops... seriously - here are the only 2 pictures I have from that day... Picture #1... The little girls were playing Barbie - and Harrison found the Barbie car - so David decided to push him around on it!! HAHA!
Picture #2 - some old fireworks that they were trying to get rid of - were shot off in the driveway after dinner... and we took Harrison outside to watch - Harrison got bored - and this is the picture we got... doesn't Harrison look sad - and why isn't Corey looking at the camera?!? I feel horrible!!
Anyway - here are a couple other shots from the weekend - when Harrison got bored and cleared out their cabinets... and us during the Iron Bowl... Roll Tide!! :)

Finally all the Thanksgivings are over... ON TO CHRISTMAS!!! :) YEAH!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Garner Family Weekend of FUN!

So I'm a little behind.... 2 weekends ago (Nov 28-30) we had a Garner family weekend of fun!!! To start the whole weekend off - we meet Corey's family at Phipps mall so Harrison could go see Santa. This is long standing tradition with his family... they see Santa - and then go eat dinner upstairs at Johnny Rockets! :) Except this year we mixed it up a little bit...before Santa we went and rode the Pink Pig over at Lenox mall!! :)
To be really honest Harrison couldn't have cared any less about the Pink Pig - I mean seriously as we (yes we... if the kids are under 36 inches then someone has to ride with them - and since Harrison is 2 inches short... I got to ride too) were riding around and around I was trying to get him excited... and he just kinda sat there..... like he was bored! Sheesh kid - don't you know you're riding the PINK PIG - an Atlanta tradition?!?! Anyway - after the pig - we headed across the street to Phipps - and since we had a little time to spare Harrison and G rode the escalators (soo cute)- and let me assure you... Harrison was WAY more excited about the escalators than the Pink Pig!
Uncle Bailey was also in charge of the diaper bag - I mean big boy bag
I love this picture!!
So then off to Santa we went... I will admit - I was REALLY nervous about Harrison and Santa! I had visions of Harrison screaming bloody murder - or pulling Santa's beard or something really horrible... but it really wasn't bad at all!! (There are big signs everywhere that say "No Flash Photography" around Santa - so we didn't get any pictures... but I'll try to scan in the pictures we bought as soon as I get a chance) We put Harrison on Santa's lap - and they took the picture right away... Harrison looks confused more than anything so it wasn't too bad! Then Santa started talking to him... and therein lies the problem! Rather than screaming - Harrison just kinda lifted his arms over his head and melted off Santa's lap!!! HAHA! Thank goodness Corey was on his toes... he ran over knelled down beside Santa - and Harrison sat on Dad's knee while Santa finished his conversation!! We have a video.... it's adorable!!! :) After the visit was over Harrison got a candy cane... and I'm not kidding... before we ever got our food at dinner he had eaten through the plastic to get to the candy cane!! HAHA!
I just had to throw this picture in - doesn't he look like the kid in that commercial!! HAHA!
Enough about Friday night.... :)
Saturday morning Mr. Garner surprised us all with a trip to the Dillard house (yes the Dillard house up in Rabun County - North GA) for breakfast!!! If you haven't ever been to the Dillard house for breakfast - you should!! It's kinda like Maggiano family style meals... you sit down and they just put loads of really good food in front of you... and you eat to your little hearts content!! GLORIOUS!!!
Behind the restaurant - there's a little petting zoo for the kids... Harrison got to see horses, a big bull, goats, chickens, a little piggie, and even a lama!!!
On the way home from the Dillard house - we stopped at this place in Tiger, GA called "Goats on the Roof" - and yes - there were actually goats on the roof!! Harrison didn't really care about the goats and the roof thing... however one of the shops sold Amish furniture - and there was this really awesome highchair/rocking horse/desk - all in one - that Harrison LOVED!! He literally rocked on that thing for like 10 minutes!!!!

There was ONE more stop on our way home - and that was the mall - Discover Mill! We all spent a lot of time at the Bass Pro fish tank - and then Harrison got some special play time for being so good all day!!! What a wonderful day!!
Please check out the albino catfish - eww!!!
Finally - on Sunday we did a little Christmas decorating around Mimi & G's house before heading to Corey's grandparent's house for Thanksgiving #2... Please note the same outfit... you better bet I'm getting as many wears as I can out of that t-shirt!! :) How often do you get to wear a shirt that says little turkey?!?! :) haha! Anyway - Thanksgiving dinner was great! Harrison spent most of this time hanging out with Corey's cousin Victoria although he did save some time for a little play time with G and peek-a-boo with Mimi!! :)