Friday, September 23, 2011


So in August I turned 30 - and Harrison turned 4... so we had a big slip and slide party!  I've actually been taking about a slip and slide party for a couple years now - and I'm so glad that it finally happened!  Anyway - here are the pictures from our fabulous day!
 THE slip and slide!
 Harrison testing it out
 Nana and Papa giving it a try!

 Nana didn't quite make it all the way down the slide...
 but she did scoot her way down to the pool at the end! :)
 Crazy Harrison!

 Nana giving it a second try....
 maybe that's the problem....
 nope - still didn't make it - but she got closer this time! (for the record she made it on the third try)
 Nana and Papa!
 the boys giving it a go...
 please notice Papa and Harrison about to go down the slide....
 Harrison and Ava playing - aren't they cute!
 Nice running form Ava!
 Harrison and Aunt Addie having a snack!
 The crew on the porch
 time for gifts
 Harrison blowing out the candles

 Katelyn seems to be enjoying the party!

 It was a little muddy!
 HDG with his cupcakes!

 the cupcakes can be a little messy!
 Laura and Erik
 Corey monitoring the kiddos
 Aunt Ya-Ya
 Laura taking down Erik... although it looks like he's kinda letting her win...
 Laura kicking me down the slide... isn't she a nice sister!
 There were all kinds of shenanigans going on on the slide - there was twisting...
 and flipping...
 and even a relay challenge!
 I love Aunt Addie's face - preparing for the pool of water at the end!
 Uncle Bailey having fun!
 Harrison playing with one of his new gifts - Thomas of course!
 Eating a special 4 year old cookie!

 Harrison found G's hat
 Millie playing in Nana's kitchen

 what a mess :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day at Atlanta Motor Speedway

So remember a couple of months ago when we got Papa a couple laps around Atlanta Motor Speedway for his birthday?  Well he "went racin'" at the end of July!  Here are some pictures from the day!

Yes - I took pictures in the bathroom :) hehe!

I love taking pictures of people when they don't know I'm doing it... isn't Aunt Laura pretty?!?! :)
hehe - I love this pic!

Papa looks EXCITED!

I love this kid - too cute!

here he goes....

getting into the car....

a wave before he starts the engine!
thumbs up from HDG!
Thumbs up from Aunt Laura!

Papa passed a bunch of people on the track (he even lapped someone) - here he is passing someone!

 After the laps... I think you could say he had fun!

 winners circle!

 Aunt Laura loves the jumping pictures!
This is the only one where they're all up in the air! Cute :)