Sunday, April 29, 2012

March randomness...

Here's a post full of the random stuff from March...

Dr. Seuss Day at Harrison's preschool - he wanted to be Thing 1!
remember that broom phenomenon that went on during March - Corey had to give it a try too!
Here are some pictures from St. Patrick's Day... Harrison had a t-ball game (Nana & Papa came)... 
his team is green so it made it easy for him!

MK and Nana
Dad doing some yard work
Millie playing on the stairs
Harrison playing Squinkies
yes - those are Christmas lights... 
and at Harrison's request we're leaving them up year round on the back deck! haha!
Empty diaper box means a new toy to play with!
he pushed her around - and she loved it!
giving strawberries a try... I think she likes them!
Millie in the bath tub....
then Harrison jumps in....
and harasses her!!! haha!
Millie playing with Harrison's "computer"
Oh wait - you have a camera?
ok - cheese!!!!
Trying a popsicle for the first time - she loved that too!

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