Sunday, April 29, 2012

The rest of March - including HDG school Easter Egg Hunt

Here are the rest of the pictures from March...
random Millie pic
HDG chasing Millie - because she has his shoes! :)
now she wants his hat!
hehe - too cute!
boxes = new toys
playing dress up with dad.... 
then all of a sudden HDG realized that Dad had on Thomas... and he wanted to switch!
MUCH better! :)

headed to Harrison Easter egg hunt at his school - I love the father/daughter moment

running around waiting for it all to start
another sweet moment
and the hunt begins
off goes HDG

counting his eggs
now Millie gets to go play
HDG wanted to show off his "baby sister"
sliding with his BFF Jackson

Just a couple random pieces of art I made....
Family picture for something at the Garner's church (notice the string in the picture)...
but I thought it was cute!
Millie playing with Aunt Addie's purse....
I think it's almost as big as she is! :)
But she loves it!

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