Sunday, April 29, 2012

March - HDG's first T-ball season

So.... we signed Harrison up for T-Ball this spring... while the idea was good (get out - be active - make new friends)... the season was not so good!  Harrison really didn't like baseball AT ALL - and I think after this season is over we'll take a break from baseball for a while!  To be honest there's just not enough ACTION in baseball for Harrison right now... my favorite thing - if you ask him what his favorite part of baseball is he'll tell you the snacks after the game!!!! haha! Oh well - we tried... right??  Anyway - here are some pictures from the season!
HDG at bat - that's right - he bats lefty!
Millie staying warm during one of the games!  
I think she made more friends in the stands this season that Harrison did on the field! haha!

HDG in the outfield... I'm guessing the coach was telling him what to do if the ball ever came to him... although he could also be trying to get him to focus on the game?!?!
HDG at bat - again - the coach trying to help him out!
lining up after one of the games for shaking hands!

This happened a lot - especially at the beginning of the season...
technically he's not sitting here... improvement - right??
I'm sorry - did someone call for a prayer break??? (I also LOVE that there is a coach standing RIGHT beside Harrison who is totally ignoring the whole situation - haha)
oh - back sitting....

post game talk
nice sideways hat THUG!

Mimi and G came to a game... Here's G chasing Millie around while keeping an eye on the game!
Millie and Mimi

This is during the game... Harrison walked away from his position and went over to talk to Mimi and G through the fence.... I think he was asking them to save him!!! :)
At least he's cute - right?!?!

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