Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Break at Nana and Papa's

This year for spring break Corey had to go out of town for work - so the kids and I packed it up and went out to Nana and Papa's for the week!  One of their favorite parts of being out there is that since there's lot of land - and no cars/streets to be seen - they can just run around outside!
Trying to figure out if Harrison pushing her on the swing is a good idea??
Yep - this'll do! :)

Millie LOVES to swing....
sometimes she'll literally just close her eyes and swing... that's peaceful! :)
Harrison being a big cheese ball!
Getting ready to slide...
still trying to decide if this is a good idea....
finally decided to go down the slide - not too sure about it....
haha - I think the slide was a little static-y
Harrison being funny
another crazy Millie face!
she likes the slide now!
Harrison likes the slide too (side note - dear heavens that child has big feet)
Just walking around...
being crazy again
I think Millie swung for a good 30-45 minutes!
Happy girl!

Millie in someone else's shoes....
she loved Chloe's kennel...

we turned around for 2 seconds and Millie had climbed on top of the kitchen table!
I swear she would climb a wall if she could!

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