Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So... sad story... but over Easter my nice camera broke... ever since Easter I've been using our old - small - little camera... I can't complain too much - it still takes pictures... it's just not the same. Anyway... all that to say that while we were in Nashville visiting I didn't actually take too many pictures! Good news is that we're going back in a couple weeks - and I should have my camera back then... so I'll have more pictures next time!! :)
We went up to Nashville to visit Aunt Addie - who moved up there a month or two ago for a new job... and some of Corey's childhood friends - Nick and James. The best part is that James and his wife have a SUPER cute little girl, Marlie, that is only 3 days younger than Harrison. They hadn't seen each other since they were a month old - but they REALLY hit it off. The very first night they were holding hand walking around, having super cute conversations, hugging - and even kissing!! Corey was proud!! The next morning when Harrison woke up he immediately started asking for Marlie!! It was SO sweet!!!! Like I said - I didn't get too many pictures - so here's a link to the Price's blog entry where there are some better pictures of the kids!!
Harrison and Marlie - AKA "Harlie" - with their Thomas flashlights!!
Harrison actually sat down and posed for this one!! haha!
Waiting outside for Loveless Cafe!! YUM!
Before we left we went to Red Caboose Park - right near Aunt Addie's apartment
It was a REALLY awesome park - HDG had a blast!
Doing one of his favorite things... SLIDING!
This is Nick's dog Rusty - jumping on HDG - haha!
Nick decided he was going to fly a kite - and HDG wanted in on the fun!

Day Out With Thomas

On our way up to Nashville we stopped in Chattanooga to spend a "Day out with Thomas"!! Harrison was super excited all morning- but when we got there he was a little disappointed to find out that James - Percy - Henry and the rest of the gang weren't there! We still had a great time walking around and looking at all the real trains - and even getting to ride on Thomas!

Harrison getting his Thomas "tattoo"
Showing off his Thomas "tattoo" - he was super proud!
Watching a real train go by - I have no idea why this is so exciting... but obviously it is!
On the train - getting ready to go! :)

Rome Braves Home Opener!

Aunt Laura hooked us up with some tickets to the Rome Braves home opener! It was a beautiful day outside and although the Braves lost the game we had a great time. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the game itself... but here are a couple of us at the game!
We told Harrison to give us a BIG CHEESE.... and this is what we got! haha!
Aunt Laura stopping by to say HI on a quick break! Man... we look NOTHING alike!
By the end of the game Harrison started getting really tired...
this is his tired confused face...
And then he just passed out in dad's lap! Love it!

Visit to the Rome Fire Station

Aunt Laura's boyfriend Erik is a firefighter up in Rome... so one Saturday while we were visiting Aunt Laura - we went to visit Erik at the station! Harrison had a GREAT time playing on the truck - I think we might have a future fire fighter on our hands.... or maybe just a kid who loves to climb on stuff and push buttons....
HDG's first look inside the truck
Erik buckling him in the seat - I can't tell who was having more fun?!?
He was SO proud that he was in the drivers seat... then he started pushing buttons....
He found the horn... and I think it scared him! haha!
and then he just started hitting ALL the buttons!!
SO CUTE!!! But HDG refused to wear the hat... BOO!
Thanks for letting us hang out Erik!!!

Easter with the Garners

Easter weekend we went out to the Mimi and G's house. We had a great time hanging out - hunting for eggs - and even dying eggs! Enjoy the pictures...
Another basket the Easter bunny left for Harrison!
Play time while Aunt Addie hides the eggs!
Time to hunt some eggs!

Found one!
Checking out what he got in the eggs!
Candy and money!! WOO HOO - JACKPOT!!
Time to dye the eggs...
Uncle Bailey and Brittoni having fun!
HDG and Mimi!
Drinking out of his Thomas cup - so cute!
No No Harrison - Don't touch!
Decorating with Aunt Addie!
Easter Morning - basket from the bunny!
Thomas bubbles! He's been wanting these for MONTHS!
Time to make bubbles!
Good job dad!

Easter with the Harrisons

We went out to spend some time with Nana and Papa the weekend before Easter! The Easter Bunny left him a little basket full of goodies... however I think Harrison's favorite part of the weekend was making biscuits with Nana! :) Enjoy...
Harrison checking out his basket....
new golf clubs!!!
Family shot.... seriously HDG? What's up with that face?!?!
Time to help Nana with some biscuits!