Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's been a crazy week...

So I haven't updated the blog in a while - but I have a relatively good excuse! For those of you that haven't heard already - here's the update:
We got home from our nice Easter weekend on (April 13th)Monday afternoon to find that the storm from the night before had torn up our roof and ripped a ton of shingles off! So as soon as we got home we start calling roofers - trying to see if we could get someone out to tarp it until the insurance company could come and take a look. Anyway - Corey starts working on that - and since Monday is usually my grocery shopping day - Harrison and I decide to run out to the grocery store. On the way home from the grocery store a girl pulls out in front of me - there is no way I could stop - and I t-bone her. Not to worry - although Harrison was super scared (probably because the airbags deployed) we walked away totally fine! The car unfortunately was totaled! SO - I've spent a lot of time on the internet lately - but not updating the blog... shopping for a new car! BOO!!! (side note - we had JUST paid off my car about 2 weeks before!!!) Car shopping is only fun when it's your choice!!
ANYWAY - good news since then - the insurance adjuster came out to the house yesterday - and not only was there wind damage - there was hail damage... so insurance is paying for a new roof!!! YEAH!! Bad news - I'm still car less!
Ok - enough of our sad story... here are some cute pictures of Harrison!! :)

Nana and Papa have a mini trampoline at their house - and Harrison loves it!!!

Story time with Papa - isn't this cute!!
Harrison's Easter basket
He found the cars movie right off the bat...
and we've watched it EVERY SINGLE DAY since Easter!!!

My super ADORABLE - super messy kid and his big brown eyes!!

I know this one is out of focus - but I just love his little face!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Imagine It!

Last week was Nana's spring break - so after hanging out at Aunt Laura's house (and the Rome park) for a couple days Nana and I took Harrison to Imagine It - The Children's Museum downtown! Harrison was still a little young for most of the activities.... however he LOVED the water - the grocery carts - and of course the trains!!! Here are some pictures from last weeks activities!!!!!!!
These are from the park in Rome
Can you believe my 20 month old climbed this wall ALL BY HIMSELF! Nana and Harrison
These are all from the Children's Museum....
Harrison loved playing in the water... and isn't he just so darn cute in that little rain jacket?!?! :)
Here we are playing with the trains......

And I think this might be my new favorite picture... HOW STINKING CUTE IS HE?!?!
And of course if there's a slide... we MUST slide on it....
AGAIN - and AGAIN - and AGAIN!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt... I mean stampede!

So the park behind our neighborhood had been advertising an Easter egg hunt for a while - and since Corey will be out of town on Easter this year (yes - he's working the Masters again) we decided to take Harrison to the park so dad could do an early Easter activity with Harrison this year! Well the sign said that it started at 11am sharp - so we go there around 10:45 - and the place was already PACKED! I was glad to see that they had ropes defining the different age groups - but to be honest - I had a feeling that once they let the kids go the ropes would mean NOTHING. Anyway - we went over to our area - and waited for what seemed like FOREVER!While we waited we got a couple pictures of Harrison - and there was one run away kid... it was pretty funny!! So eventually they let the kids go... and it was SERIOUSLY like a giant stampede!!! Within second there were kids everywhere! Our little group was adorable - they were the tots - 3yrs - and they were so cute - just walking around picking up eggs putting them in their baskets... and they out of nowhere the big kids attacked!!!! I'm not kidding these 10 and 12 year old came running into our area and stealing the eggs right out from under our little ones!!! You know what - the jokes on them though - because when we left we opened the eggs that Harrison got... and all they had in them was Tootsie Rolls and caramel squares!!! The big kids eggs had Snickers and Twix.... HAHA - SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN YOUR OWN AREA MORONS!!!!! (Oops - that sounded really mean didn't it... oh well!!) Enjoy the pictures!

The BEFORE: Giant field - tons of people waiting patiently...
Harrison and Dad
Harrison and mom
Ok... so they said go... and check out this dad... I think he went at a FULL sprint!!! HAHA

Here it is... the stampede!
Harrison and dad picking up eggs!
Please notice that I forgot to bring a basket for Harrison... so he's using a scented poop bag to pick up eggs!!! HAHA - I'm the WORST mom ever!
More egg hunting....
The AFTER... it was a mad house! We were out of there in under 30 minutes!