Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mountain trip 2009

We had a great time on "Mountain weekend 2009" - our only complaint was that the weather was kinda crappy - but it didn't stop us from having fun! We went to Blue Ridge - Ellijay - the North Georgia Apple Festival - the Sorghum Festival - and even a couple apple orchards! Harrison had a blast because he got to play on the train tracks! Oh - the little things in life!! :)

Harrison and Nana dancing!

Hanging out with Papa eating an apple - there's a chance that kid ate about 15 apples this weekend - haha!

Corey and I snuggling for warmth at one of the apple orchards!!
Check out little Davy Harrison with his 'coon skin hat! haha!
This is the best thing ever - it's called the PeaPod Plus - and it's a little tent that fold down to nothing (and it comes with it's own little air mattress)!! It's awesome for traveling - Harrison LOVES it - and we don't have to take the pack & play with us anymore!! YEAH!
Hanging out at the Apple Festival parade - Harrison loved it because they threw candy!
On the bus from the parade to the actual festival... I couldn't resist - he just looked too cute!
Rare picture of Harrison and I - I really need to get out from behind the camera more often or Harrison is going to look back at pictures when he gets older and wonder where his mom was!! :)
Where's Harrison?!?!
Laura fell asleep on the way back - and Corey got out to pump gas.... and be a creeper....
awkward! :)ROLL TIDE!Don't they just look like the cutest little family... maybe I can just photshop my head on Laura's body.... you think anyone will notice?? HAHA!!
Harrison girls - we all wore scarves on the same day - aren't we cute! :)

Harrison playing on the train tracks - his favorite place!

A little too bright - but still cute!

2nd Birthday photo shoot...

Since Corey got me a really nice camera this year I figured we'd forgo the trip to Portrait Innovations and I'd take his birthday pictures myself. If I learned ONE thing during this photo shoot it's that I'm NOT cut out to photograph small children - especially my own! It took about an hour and a half and I think I got 4 good shots??? Oh well!

Here are a couple that I thought were cute...

Total cheese face... not what I was going for - but still cute!

I like the angle on this one - but not this face....
Harrison with the piggy! :)
One too many fingers buddy - you may look 3 (or 4) but you're only 2! Soooo close to a great shot! Maybe I can just photoshop that one extra finger off... nah - that might look a little weird! :) haha!
Now for my favorites......

Last tailgate of the season!

This is really old... like this happened Oct 3 - I'm embarrassed.... oh well!! Here are some pictures of our last Braves tailgate of the season! We didn't win the tailgate competition - but the weather was perfect - and we had fun!

Harrison chillin' on the corn hole board!

Dad and Harrison having fun!

I love this picture - just wish Harrison wasn't making a crazy face! I've come to terms with the fact that 2 year olds don't make normal faces... and I'll just have to deal with it!
Looking though the popcorn box - please note that he had just dumped all the popcorn all over the ground - and budget man wasn't happy! :)
Watching the game... this probably lasted about .2 seconds before he was up and running again!
1 - 2 - 3 WEEEEEE!!!
Garner group shot after the game!
(Sorry it's a little dark - guess I didn't get around to editing it yet!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twinkle twinkle...

I have a ton of pictures I want to post from the Braves tailgate we had this weekend... I just haven't had time to edit them yet.... I did want to quickly post 2 videos from tonight. The first one is Harrison singing his new favorite song - twinkle twinkle little star! (Oh - he does get a little distracted by a boat on tv... just ignore that part :) haha)

And the second one is Harrison telling Dad to WAKE UP! So stinkin' cute!