Monday, June 28, 2010

The Allen Wedding...

So WAY back in June Lauren and Chuck got married.... I know... it's been a really long time since I've updated the blog... sorry! Anyway - they got married - it way outside - it was really hot - but it was beautiful - she was beautiful - and Addie was a bridesmaid!! Here are some pictures!
Aww - the kiss - how cute!
I love Lauren's face - she just looks so happy!!! :)
During the reception it rained - when we looked out the window there was literally a rainbow right outside! Pretty sure that's a good sign!! :)
Corey and I at the reception - can you tell how hot it was by how flat my hair is?!?! haha!
The crew - Corey, me, Addie, and Bailey

Oreo's and Bedtime stories...

Oreos were on sale last week - and since they're one of Corey's favorites - I bought some! HDG always wants whatever we have... so of course when Dad pulled out the cookies... HDG just HAD to have one! Dad decided if he was going to share his Oreos- he was going to teach HDG to eat them the right way!!!
The dunk....

the bite...

DELICIOUS!!! The cutest part is that when they had them again last night - HDG waited patiently with his Oreo until Dad was ready - he wouldn't dunk until Dad dunked his - and then they bit them at the same time!!! SO CUTE!!

After Oreos it was bed time - and one of HDG's favorite books is called the Tickle Monster (this book comes with some rockin' tickle gloves... please note Corey's hands)

Harrison waiting to be tickled... and it's tickle time.... and more tickling....
here's Dad showing us his "scary" tickle growl! HDG doesn't looke too scared! :)
and one more tickle before bed time!
So sweet - I love how awesome Corey is with Harrison!! :)

Father's Day weekend #2 at Nana and Papa's

We went out to visit my parents and celebrate a late Father's Day this past weekend. I won't say that they live in the "woods" - but lets put it this way... this kind of attire is completely appropriate! :)

My Aunt and Uncle that live next door have a pool - we spent a LOT of time there this weekend! Harrison had such a good time!!

His favorite pool "toy" was a metal strainer that they use to skim bugs off the water with! Harrison obviously thought it was a hat! :)

HDG and Nana taking a break to listen for the cow bells in the pasture next door... no I'm not kidding...

My parents don't live too far from a Mayfield dairy - so Friday afternoon we went over to the dairy for a tour and some ICE CREAM!!!! My favorite part was that we all had to wear hair nets on the tour... hehe!! I was actually very surprised that Harrison didn't try to take the hair net off - but he did great!! :) So stinkin' cute too!!
After the tour ice cream... HDG and Corey both had cookies and cream - it was REALLY good!
I had Java chip (or something like that) - I thought it was awesome - HDG wasn't impressed!
Harrison thought his ice cream was so good - that he drank all the ice cream that had melted... and got it all over his face! We'll have to do that again sometime!! :)

Catching Lightning Bugs - Attempt #1

Harrison has been asking to go outside and use his new bug catcher to catch lightning bugs for a while now... the only problem is that it doesn't get dark - and the lightning bugs don't start coming out until well after his bedtime! Bedtime is usually somewhere around 8:30 - and I swear it doesn't get dark until somewhere around 9:30... anyway - we let him go out and look for lightning bugs the other night around 8pm... and there was NOTHING! But he looked really cute with his bug catcher!! Oh well... we'll try again another time...

Happy B-day Brooke!!

One of my favorite b-day parties every year is Brooke's!! Her brother-in-law comes in town from Louisiana and does a big crawfish boil - and homemade jumbalaya!!! It's awesome and delicious and SO much fun! The only downside this year was that this was the same weekend (Father's Day weekend) that Harrison was sick... so he had to miss the party :( I didn't actually take too many pictures... but here are a couple!
The guest of honor...
the b-day girl!! HAPPY B-DAY BROOKE!! :)
just a small portion of the food...

a small portion of the "trash"...

the delicious Carvel ice cream cake... perfect for a summer b-day!!

Father's Day weekend at Mimi and G's

We went out to Mimi and G's a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Father's day... the only problem was that Harrison got sick... so we have a lot more pictures of him laying around - doin' nothin' than anything else... oh well... he's cute no matter what! :)

Yep - this is exactly what it looks like... "CHOO CHOO" (I'm sure Thomas was on) HAHA! :)

HDG helping G mow the lawn!

Time for doughnuts!! :) YUM... Krispy Kreme!

Harrison loves to lay on my growing belly...

and give "sister" a kiss... which actually means blowing "zerberts" on Mom's belly... it's pretty funny! :)

and now it's popsicle time with Mimi and G!! :)

New camera lens - and bath time with HDG

I've been wanting a new lens for my camera for a while now.... and finally got one (I figured I'd start with the cheapest lens- haha)! It's a 50mm prime lens - and it's suppose to be good for portraits - so I figured I'd take some practice shots with my favorite subject... HDG :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oakland - Photo Walk

Last weekend I went on a photo walk in Atlanta at the Oakland Cemetery with Brittoni and I Heart Faces. There were all levels of photographers there from beginners like me... to professionals - we chatted as we walked around and I feel like I learned a lot! :) Here are a couple of my shots from the day...

Bobby Jones grave - pretty cool with all the golf balls!

I wasn't really all that into taking tons of picture of graves... so I spent a little more time finding the statues that were everywhere - and taking pictures of them!
Here's a statue I took a picture of - then I came home and added texture to the picture in the next three shots....

And to finish it off - here are a couple of HDR shots...