Thursday, February 26, 2009

Harrison out on a date...

Last weekend Harrison had his first real dinner date!! Of course both sets of parents were there to "chaperon" - but you could tell that Harrison was really trying to impress his date and pretend we weren't there! (I'm sure we embarrass him already :) haha)
Harrison and Marley at Houston's
Ok - now sit still....
Harrison - seriously - SIT STILL!!!

This was as close as Harrison came to sitting still.... oh well!!

Isn't she adorable??? Her parents were in our old small group - and Marley and Harrison are only about 5 weeks apart (Marley is older - Harrison likes that about her - she's more mature). Anyway - Harrison had a great time and really hopes that they can go "out" again very soon - he's thinking he might take her to a park next time!!! haha! :)


I know yall aren't going to believe this.... but this is actually a NON Harrison post!!! I know... crazy right?!?!
I just wanted to take a minute to tell everyone who hasn't seen the movie Fireproof - that they need to!!! I kept hearing about this film for months - and I kept saying "yeah - I want to go see that..." but because it was difficult to find in the theaters - I put it off. I finally bought the book around Christmas and once again - put it off... just because I had other stuff going on. Finally last week I picked it up - and I am not kidding I read the whole thing in a day!!!! AMAZING book!!! Seriously - AMAZING! I would recommend this to anyone who is married - about to get married - in a relationship - might be in a relationship one day - has ever thought about being in a relationship.... really just anyone and everyone! Basically it's the story of a married couple that's about to get divorced - and the husband's father asks him if he'd be willing to try something to try and save his marriage. It's a really powerful story of love - and I believe everyone - even those of us who are in "good" marriages can learn a lot from it. Plus a little added bonus - the movie stars Kirk Cameron (I was in LOVE with him growing up!! Yeah Growing Pains!! HAHA)
PS - If you have the time - I actually liked the book better - there were a couple extra story lines that explained things a little better - but if you don't have the time to read the book you should still see the movie! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New puppy for Aunt Laura - new friend for Harrison!!

Introducing LUCY- Aunt Laura's new addition!! Laura brought her by for a quick visit on Friday night - then hung out with us again on Monday - and Harrison loves Lucy! Their favorite game is hide and go seek - Lucy hides and hopes really hard that Harrison can't find him!!

First meeting - Harrison thought she was funny!

Then he started to chase her... RUN LUCY- RUN!!!!

Laura and Lucy - how cute!
We gave Lucy a little break from Harrison and Bel...
Harrison wanted in real bad - poor Lucy!


Just figured yall might like some random pictures of Harrison...

we LOVE to pull all the pillows off the couch and jump!

This was the closest I could get to an action shot -
it's not mid jump - but it is mid sneeze! HAHA!

Aunt Addie let Harrison listen to her iPod the other night - he loved it!
Here Aunt Addie is teaching Harrison the solider boy dance....
I'm afraid Harrison got my genes - he looks confused with the dance moves!! :)
we also love to play under the kitchen bar stools....
with all those toys - he loves bar stools...
oh well - as long as he's having fun - right??

Happy Valentine's Day

Since Corey and I celebrated our Valentine's day the weekend before last - we didn't really do much this last weekend except run a few errands - but that didn't stop us (really me) from dressing Harrison in a cute little red outfit! Doesn't he look like a little man!! :) Oh - and if you can't tell from the pictures - we got him a new Thomas train for his Valentine's gift - so he played trains a lot that day!! Better than chocolate... right?!?! :)
Trying to share - we're so proud!! OH - and we also discovered that Corey can get him do this crazy face - pretty much on command!! Hillarious - right?!?!

Of course I think Corey's face might be just as (if not more) funny than Harrison's!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Katie and Austin's wedding!

Last weekend Corey and I left Harrison with Corey's parents and went to the wedding of one of my friends from high school! Since we don't get to do too much without Harrison these days we treated this as our Valentine's get away (even though the wedding was only in Roswell). I'm SO excited - Corey got me Cirque du Soleil tickets!!! I can't wait!!! :) Anyway - back to the wedding - we had a blast - the wedding, reception, and of course the bride were all beautiful - and the reception was really a great party - complete with a photo booth!! We had SUCH a great time in that photo booth - and the bride and groom used the pictures from the photo booth as their guest book - it was SUCH a great idea!!!! It couldn't have been cheap- because it had their names and the wedding date down the middle - and we could go back as many times as we wanted (and trust me we did) but it was a BLAST!!!! Thanks Katie and Austin - best idea EVER!! Here are 2 of the ones we did...

one of Corey and I...

and one of some of the crazy girls there.... Here are a couple other pictures from the night....

Here's the table we were sitting at - I wish I would have been smart enough to get a picture of the whole center piece - it was beautiful!! Also - please notice that Corey was sitting across the table from me - with his "bromance" - yep - that's right - Corey has a bromance! :)

See Corey looking deep into his eyes!
Gina, Justin (what a cheese), and Corey

Me, Katie, and Jess

"the girls"
CONGRATS Katie and Austin!!! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

play date - play date - basketball - hockey - super bowl!

Last weekend was super busy! It all started with a 2 play date Friday! First we had a morning play date at Southern Prep with Missy and Beckham (didn't take my camera - so no pictures... sorry). This was our second time there - and I think it went really well! I hope I don't jinx it - but it's been 6 days and we haven't gotten sick - so I think we're safe this time!! He loved the moon bounce - and the trampolines - and basically just running around like a crazy kid for an hour or so!! After Southern Prep we came home for lunch and a quick nap - then off again to play date #2 with Brooke and Owen!! Harrison and Owen hadn't gotten to play together in a while - so really they just hung out and destroyed the Bourgeois house for most of the afternoon!! :) I was a little worried because Harrison weighs about 10 pounds more than Owen - and a hug tackle on hardwoods could have been disastrous - but they actually played really well together!!! There was even a little sharing!!!! :)

Always BUSY!
My favorite moment of the day was when Brooke, Owen, Harrison and I rode together to meet Corey and Scott for dinner - and the boys were in their car seats in the back - and we asked Harrison to share some goldfish with Owen and (after some encouragement) he did! It was SO sweet! Harrison extended his hand with a goldfish - and Owen took it!!! If only I had a camera at that exact second (too bad I was driving)!! Like I said - after that we met the dads for dinner... and then off to the OU basketball game! Although I'd love for yall to think that I'm just an AWESOME alumni - we only went because a friend/sorority sister/fellow alum was coaching the other team! Yeah Coach Campbell!!! Harrison also got to meet the OU mascot "Petey" - and let me tell you - he was petrified!! Corey tried to get him to go over and give him a high five - and he just about lost it right then and there. HAHA!!

Here are the boys in their OU gear... since Harrison didn't have a cool OU shirt - he just wore yellow and black!
The next morning Harrison and I got up early to drive down to Stockbridge so my cousin Andrea could cut my hair. Harrison actually got to go hang out at my cousin Kelli's house while I was getting my hair "did" - and they have a SUPER adorable little boy that's only a couple of months older than Harrison - so it was PERFECT! Chris and Kelli said they played well together - so I'm kinda sad we don't live closer to each other! From there we headed to Gwinnett - for a little down time before going to the Gwinnett Gladiators game (local hockey team - maybe semi-pro??? not really sure)! This was Harrison's first hockey experience - and I think he had a great time! He loved the mini-blimp that was flying around before the game - but once again was not so happy with the mascot!! He couldn't keep his eyes off "Maximus" - but I think it was more of one of those - "I'm not letting you out of my sight" kinda things! Had he actually come over to us I'm pretty sure it would have gotten ugly - FAST!

He loved G's hat!
I love this little outfit - thanks Nana!

Someone let him hold their "spinny" light - and Harrison couldn't quite figure it out!

Family picture opportunity!

I'm not sure what he was doing here - but I thought he was adorable (as always)! :)
Finally to finish off the weekend we had a couple of people over for a last minute super bowl party! Harrison got to hang out with Owen again - and Aunt Laura was there - which always makes him happy - so we had a great time! I wish I had taken a picture of the amount of food we had - I'm pretty sure we cooked for 50 instead of 5... but it was very yummy!!! :)

How about you POST THIS!

I'm sure many of you have seen that e-mail about all the crazy stuff little boys do... and there's that little boy who sticks feminine hygiene products all over himself?!?! (If you haven't seen it - you should - it's pretty funny) Well - not to worry - Harrison didn't do that - however.... with two dorky accountants for parents he did find something almost as funny to stick all over himself... Post It flags!!! He stuck them all over his head... not once - but twice (on separate days)!!! HAHAHA!!!

Caught in the act!
What a funny face!
Now how do I get them off?!?!
Day #2.....
Again with the funny face!! :) Sooo cute though!