Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thanksgiving in Alabama

Here are some pics from our trip to Alabama for Thanksgiving...
obviously pants are optional for this chicka
Harrison making a mess - but having fun doing it

crazy baby :)
Millie and G watching TV
bath time

here are the cookies Mrs. Leslie made us for the Iron Bowl!  Delicious and pretty!
group divided :)
Aunt Addie and Mimi - happy now... but what about later?
doesn't look like a very fair fight?!?!
of course neither was the game :)
Millie and G playing
Harrison wanted in on the fun too
too cute in the hat :)
I can't tell you how many pictures it takes to get a good picture of the kiddos?!?!  sheesh!
I think this is as good as it's going to get :)
haha - I kinda love this one!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

North GA Mountains - Part 3

oops - it looks like some of these are out of order... here are some more from down town
Chick-fil-a Christmas :)

Millie and Papa playing on the bars
a new place downtown - I can't wait for it to open - looks fun - maybe next year!
we took a quick photography walk - Nana and Papa were the subjects :)

Papa and Millie playing the "drums"

what a cute baby
love these

I think nana was cold
as we were getting ready to go and cleaning out the fridge - 
Millie thought that would be a good place to play

hehehe :)
HAHA - any guess what kind of gloves these are?!?!

North GA Mountains - Part 2

More pictures from our trip...  here are some from downtown
the turkeys at the feed barn
please read the sign... how sad

I think this rooster was posing :)
Corey gave Millie a lollypop to calm her down...
and she LOVED it! :)

she was not happy when it was all gone
Aunt Laura and Harrison both love rocks... so Aunt Laura took him mining :)
he LOVED it!

picking out the good rocks
an arrowhead!
checking out his rocks

time for some more "outside by the fire" time

Aunt Laura looks like she's about to hit Erik with a marshmallow :)

good times had by all
love this shot