Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Let me start this blog with a picture of Harrison enjoying his first smoothie.... hahaha!!!
Anyway - after dinner we took Harrison to the pool!! It was nice and cool outside and I didn't have to lather Harrison up with sunscreen - so I was happy!! :) The only problem with Harrison at the pool is that he doesn't realize that he can't swim!! He is constantly trying to jump out of our arms... and we're constantly trying to tell him that he can't swim... but it doesn't seem to phase him! We really need to sign this kid up for swimming lessons!!!!!
This is me playing with Photoshop!! :)
See.... here he's trying to jump!!! HARRISON - remember - you can't swim!!!
so... we moved him to the kiddy pool...
splahin' around having a grand time!!!
He really didn't want to leave!!

Harrison gets a hair cut!

Because we like to keep Harrison's hair pretty short - it seems like he has to get his hair cut ALL THE TIME!! And because we have to get his hair cut all the time... we cut it ourselves!! I mean really all we do is put a guard on a buzzer - and buzz the kids hair... it's really pretty easy - however the process is pretty amusing! Everyone who knows this kid knows that he is completely UNABLE to sit still for more than 2 seconds.... that is unless he has a sucker!!!! We don't ever give Harrison suckers... so when it comes time for a hair cut dumb dumbs are a big deal. We shove his cute chunky little thighs down into his Bumbo and give him a sucker and he is a happy little boy!!! :) Please enjoy the pictures of Harrison - his dumb dumb and daddy giving him a hair cut!!! :)
This kid is SO happy... all because of that silly sucker!
Lot of drool...
HAHA - what's that face all about?
Ok - he's ready for sucker #2!!! haha!
Look at the concentration on dad's face!!! :)
drool all the way down the belly!!!
All done!!!
WHAT?? We have to do this again in a couple weeks?!?! Sheesh!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A trip to the zoo with Aunt Laura and Nana!!

Nana and Aunt Laura both took Monday off - therefore we went to the zoo!! It was really hot - so we only lasted about 2 hours - but we had a great time! Since we go to the zoo so often I won't bore you guys with pictures of the animals... just Harrison, Aunt Laura, and Nana!

Harrison was not about to take his eyes off those birds....
Aunt Laura, Harrison, and Nana - just hangin' out!

Harrison and I with the giraffe

Harrison and Nana with Harrison's favorite... the PANDAS!!!
Harrison just being Harrison
1 - 2 - 3 - weeeeeee!!!!
Tired, exhausted, and ready to go home!!!

Happy Fathers Day

To celebrate Fathers day we went home for the weekend. We hung out with the Garners on Saturday night (and played a great new game called Bananagram) then we went to my parents house on Sunday. For some reason I didn't get too many pictures on Saturday - but I got a ton on Sunday... please enjoy Harrison eating ribs - and the bath time that followed!!!
Happy Fathers Day!!
and here begins Harrison's adventure with ribs....

and then after dessert Aunt Laura says - Harrison stick the bowl on your head...
so of course Harrison sticks the bowl on his head... thanks a lot Aunt Laura!
because Aunt Laura really instigated the mess Harrison made at dinner - she was in charge of bath time... and Harrison had a blast!!!

NEW CAMERA and Brooke's B-day

I have the best husband in the whole world - no seriously... he passes the CPA and he buys ME a present!!! That's right - I got a new DSLR camera - and I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed!!!! This camera does EVERYTHING - and I'm pretty sure it'll takes me months if not years to figure everything out - but I'm trying really hard!!! Anyway less about the camera - more about the pictures! Last weekend we went to a crawfish boil for Brooke's 30th b-day party! We had a blast and the food was great! Harrison especially had a great time playing in the water toy with Owen... he had such a great time that he got soaked - and we had to strip him down before we got in the car... I love these pictures!!! Anyway enough talking.....
Corey took this shot while he was messing around with the new camera - great huh?!?!
Brooke's party... the food!!! YUM!
Everyone singing Happy B-Day to Brooke!
Abby hanging out with Harrison and the water toy!
I love this picture - naked baby running around Mimi and G's driveway!!!
He's just SO stinkin' cute!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


For those of you that haven't already heard - Corey got the exciting news yesterday that he passed the final part of the CPA!!!! YEAH!!!! I am SO proud of him - and Harrison (with the help of Aunt Addie) was so happy that he had to make dad a special sign to come home to!! So cute... in one of the pictures it even looks like Harrison is writing his own name! HAHA!! But this post isn't about Harrison - it's about Corey - CONGRATS babe - We love you!!!

a little of this and a little of that...

Here are a couple random pictures from this month...

This is from dinner with Mimi at Willys! YUM!
Ok - the pictures below are Harrison trying to show off his first "black eye". It's not the traditional black eye - where it bruises below the eye - this one is above the eye - so it kinda looks like he has on purple eye shadow. If you look close it's Harrison's left eye - nice huh?? He nailed the side of the coffee table! OUCH!
This last set is Harrison enjoying his mashed potatoes... HAHA!


First Braves game of the season!

We've actually been to a bunch of Braves games this year... just not any ATLANTA Braves games. Since Aunt Laura works for the Rome Braves - we've been there a bunch - and since Corey's parents have season tickets to the Gwinnett Braves we've been there too - however this was our first Atlanta Braves game of the season!! We tailgated with the normal crew - and Harrison was very happy to have his buddy Owen there to hang out and play with! Harrison especially loved the food (big surprise), corn hole, and the Braves band/drum line that came through the parking lot! Enjoy the pictures!
Harrison and Owen hangin out in the shade
Harrison stealing Owen's hat... what a bully!
Here he is walking up and helping himself to the food....
playing corn hole
getting a better view of the band from dad's shoulders
the band - or drum line... I don't know what they're officially called... but they're good!!