Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Afternoon snack time... OUTSIDE!!!

There's not really too much to say about this post... the weather has been great around here lately - so we try to spend as much time outside as possible!!! Lately it's been afternoon snack time... always a favorite in our house! :)
He's outside - and he has his strawberries... he's a happy little man!
Just running around like a little wild man!
I don't know what this face is - but it makes me laugh!!
SO stinkin' cute!
I think Bel wanted the strawberries too!! :)
He finished off the strawberries - then moved on to a little bit of popcorn!!
We're just so happy to be sitting outside in the warm weather!! :) YEAH SPRING!

Helping Dad outside!

Corey spent the weekend before last cleaning up the backyard... basically just raking up pine straw and pine cones. Nothing too exciting - but Harrison really wanted to "help" - so Corey got him a little rake and tried to put him to work. Anybody wanna guess how that went? Yeah... not so well! He looked really cute - but really he made more of a mess than he did any help! He had a good time - so I guess that's all that really matters! :)
Doesn't he look like he's helping?!?! HAHA!
Corey's trying to explain something to Harrison... however I think it looks like Harrison is more interested in picking his nose! :)
Hey buddy - I think your rake is upside down....
Watching dad - trying to figure out exactly how to rake!
Yep - definitely picking his nose! I told him that was gross - and he said "no mama - it's NOT gross!" EWW!!!

Trip to the Rome park!

Harrison and I went up and had lunch with Aunt Laura a week or so ago... Chick-fil-a of course!! She was really busy so we didn't get to hang out with her for too long - but Rome has a pretty rockin' park not too far away - so after lunch we went over to the park for some outside fun! Harrison had a great time... the hardest part is always convincing him to leave! It's so embarrassing... he screams like I'm a stranger trying to kidnap him from the park every single time! One of these days the police are seriously going to think I'm stealing a random kid and arrest me!!! Not funny Harrison.... not funny!
Yeah! Playground time!
He loved this big slide!
He also loved climbing through the tunnels!
Where to next?!?! :)
I love the look of concentration on his face!

Basket sledding....

I'm not really sure how this started - but one night Corey and Harrison decided it would be fun to sled down the stairs in a laundry basket. I secretly think that they sit around and try to figure out the next big thing to scare me to death... but that's a whole different topic of conversation!! Anyway - I think this is all pretty self explanatory... so here are a couple pictures - and even a video of the whole thing!
Look how excited this kid was...
So happy!
I love this face!
Harrison liked to throw his head back right before he slid down the stairs....
Corey and I thought it was hilarious!
He loved it - I didn't!! I was just sure he was going to hurt himself... oh the joys of being a mom to a little boy! I guess I better just get use to it! :)

Right before I start the video Harrison says to Corey "your turn dad!" haha!
I especially like Corey's response!

Pudding painting!

A couple of weeks ago while it was still pretty cold outside we were trying to find a fun inside activity - and I thought of pudding painting! Harrison had a GREAT time!! It took him a little while to figure out that you could eat the "paint" - and even longer for me to explain that you can only eat the "paint" at home - not at school!!! haha! Eventually he stopped painting all together and just ended up sticking his fingers in the pudding and licking them! Oh well - he had fun!!
It started out very innocently.... just trying to figure it out....
and painting....
Then I convinced him that you could eat it... but he still wasn't 100% sure!
Then he liked it!
and then he made a MESS!
and wanted MORE pudding! :) haha!

Big boy bed!!

When we bought Harrison's crib as a baby we went ahead and bought one of those cool convertible beds. We've been meaning to "convert" his crib to a big boy bed for a while... but honestly we just kept forgetting... oops! :) We finally got around to it a couple weeks ago - and he LOVES his big boy bed! It's basically only about 6 inches off the floor - so while he's getting use to being in a bed we don't have to worry about him falling out! We're so proud of him - he hasn't gotten up in the middle of the night once (hopefully I didn't just jinx us!!)!! Anyway here are a couple pictures from the first night!! :)

A little story time before bed time! :)
Thinking about it....
Yep! He likes it! :)

A day at the CIRCUS!

Corey and I went back and forth on whether to take Harrison to the circus this year... is he old enough - will he enjoy it - will he be able to sit still long enough??? But in the end we got a pretty great deal on tickets and decided to take him. He was SO excited about seeing all the animals - and seriously on the way in I don't think I've ever seen him more excited!! It was really cute. Anyway - as we sat down and the show got started Harrison was pretty interested.... then as the show went on he got a little restless... and wanted to see more animals.... to be honest there were a lot more human tricks than I remember so Harrison was a little disappointed. Overall he behaved really well and we had a great time! Enjoy the pictures!
We asked Harrison if he wanted a light - and believe it or not he said NO! Of course he later changed his mind - those things are WAY too expensive! :)
Walking to our seats... he was SO excited!
Before the circus with Mom!
Before the circus with Dad!
Uncle Bailey and his REALLY expensive cotton candy!!
The view from our seats!
Can't have a circus without the tight rope walkers!
Harrison loved the elephants!
They shot these girls out of the cannons... pretty cool!
I think Harrison enjoyed the cotton candy! :)