Sunday, April 29, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas morning with the kiddos! 
The tree before the kiddos come downstairs...
Harrison waiting patiently on the stairs - someone's excited!!!!
Here he comes....
Trying to get to the gifts as fast as he can!
What does he go to first???  Of course - Thomas!!!!

Lovin' on Thomas
Oh - and Mario Kart!
and back to Thomas!
checking out his stocking
Angry Bird gummies....
and Angry Bird finger puppets!

What else is in there???
Can't remember what that was - but he looks excited about it!
Glow in the dark stars and a Mator game
and a wooden train you put together - how exciting!
Aunt Ya-La gets a turtle lamp!  Hey-o!
Millie finally woke up - now it's her turn to open!
Good morning pretty girl - so glad you could join the party!

Finally getting into the whole opening thing!
Makin' a mess!
HAHA - I love this face!
Corey surprised me this year with an owl painting!  Very cool!
The Harrison girls!
Papa with the kiddos!

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