Sunday, April 29, 2012

Christmas at the Garners

I don't think this needs much explanation - here are the pictures from Christmas (Eve) morning at the Garner house....
they couldn't take their eyes off the gifts!
I love HDG in this picture!
with his stocking!
Corey with Millie's stocking?!?!
a little peek-a-boo with Uncle Bailey!
presents - presents - and more presents!
the crazy-ness!
MK is excited too!
it's flying Millie!
their combined gift... a kitchen for the "man cave"
food for the kitchen!
LINCOLN LOGS!  I don't know who's more excited - HDG or Corey?!?!
more food!

now MK gets to open some stuff....
Uncle Bailey with his stud finder... hahaha....
Corey with his complete Harry Potter set - nerd!
Aunt Addie painted G a picture of his plane!
A date night basket from Aunt Brittoni and Uncle Bailey!!
Millie trying to figure out how to open this stuff....
I love her face in this one!!  She loves owls!! :) haha!
Cute huh?!?
What's next??
HDG and Dad with the Lincoln Logs!
Harrison showing us how the "Boogie" Monster leggin's work! :)

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