Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let the blogging begin!

So I've been meaning to start a blog for a long time now. Mainly so family and friends can watch Harrison grow and try new things.... I guess the fact that he's already a year old means I'm a little behind huh?!? Oh well - the way I see it - it's better late than never... right?!?!
So - here's my best attempt at a blog! I can't promise that I'm going to be really good at this (as we all know - I'm a horrible writer) - or that this blog is going to be really funny (for those of you that are hoping for something half as good as Jesse's blog - you've come to the wrong place) - all that I can promise is that I will try my very best to keep everyone up to date with all the new and exciting stuff the Garner family is doing... and by that I really mean all the fun and exciting stuff that Harrison is doing! :) Think of it this way - even if the blog is really horrible - the pictures will be cute- right?!? haha!
With that being said here are a couple of cute pictures from Harrison's birthday party!