Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day lunch - and Garner news!

On Sunday for Mothers Day we were able to have both of our families over for lunch (well minus Laura... she had to work - boo!!)! While we finished up cooking the lunch - the mom's open up their gifts -
here they are showing off their necklaces...
here's the lunch - we got the menu from this months Paula Deen menu - it was DELICIOUS!
After lunch we had a little surprise for our families... Corey, Harrison, and I had secretly gone on Saturday and had an ultrasound to find out the sex of baby garner #2... so I made cupcakes and filled them with the gender color of the baby....
then we made everyone pick a "team" - the Garners (and Laura) all picked girl... and then my mom and dad picked boy...
On the count of 3 they took a bite....
And survey says.....
PINK! That's right - we're having a GIRL!!!! (Due Oct 15th)
After the cupcake excitement - Harrison took Uncle Bailey and Aunt Addie down to the man cave to play!! What a mess!
Aunt Addie was showing Harrison how she use to hold him when he was little... he thought it was super funny!
HDG being a cheese ball...
and not to worry... the grandmothers are always there to capture the moment! :)
Then we went outside for a little picture time... first with Nana and Papa!
then the Aunt and Uncle....
then Mimi and G...
and last but not least - mom and dad!
Then Harrison and I got to take a couple of pictures together :) I feel SO blessed!!! I love this little man SO much!!!

Mothers Day breakfast - made by my BOYS! :)

Since our Sunday was going to be so crazy (see next post) we decided to celebrate Mothers Day on Saturday... so my two favorite boys got up and fixed me breakfast!! Pancakes to be exact!! :) I didn't get any pictures of the rest of our fun day - but here are some pictures from Corey and Harrison making me breakfast!
HAHA - It looks like Harrison is reading the recipe!
There's no telling what we was yelling about here! :)
Cheese!! I love it!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Play date!

Harrison had a play date with his friend Beckham - and Beckham's friend Abby the other day! First they went to story time at our local community center... then we went back to Beckham's house to play outside for a little while! I didn't remember to get any pictures at story time - but I did get some pictures back at the house!
After Harrison saw the giant Thomas -
I wasn't 100% sure I'd ever be able to get him to leave!
Doing what Harrison does best... play trains!
Just chillin' out - drinkin' some juice!!
What you can't see is that Beckham was hitting the gas and Harrison was "steering" - how funny!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Guess what's back???

I am SO super excited... after a very long month - I FINALLY got my camera back today - repaired and ready to take LOTS of pictures!! You know that quote "you don't know how much you love something until it's gone"... well I found out just how much I LOVE my camera!! Sad... I know!
My beautiful Nikon D90 :)
Harrison was also excited to see my camera! When I opened up the box that my camera was shipped in - Harrison said "OH - is that your camera mama? Is it fixed now??" HAHA!! Then he said - will you take a picture of me!! HAHA! Man I love this kid!!!
Then he grabbed my little camera - and said -
"Now I take a picture of you mama - say CHEESE"