Sunday, April 29, 2012

January 2012

That's right - after being so CRAZY busy between October and December of last year - January finally calmed down  and I think the Garner family went into hibernation for the month!  This month was so slow I'm going to update you on the whole month in one post!!! 

Harrison and Dad putting the new kitchen together!
Who gave that kid a drill?
Hey - looks like he's pretty good with it!
Good job!
Crazy Millie dancing on the table!
looks like she's having fun...

and she's finally starting to grow some hair...
Playing Mart Kart...
Check out Millie's face!
Ok - back to fun!
Harrison's first time bowling!
Dad showing him how it's done....

Not too bad buddy!
I love this!
Owen cheering Harrison on!  I love it!
Now Owen's turn!
Millie didn't get to bowl - but she still had fun!
Millie and Cooper chillin'
Scott bowling with Cooper in his arms!
The girls (minus Millie)
MK playing with Dad's hat!
Where's Millie?
There she is! :)
Surprise party for Aunt Ya-La's birthday!
Of course there's a double doosie cookie cake!
Christie and Harrison playing Wii!
The Harrison girls!
Millie being a koala bear!
MK playing in Harrisons's race car when he's not looking!
Dad with the kiddos!

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