Friday, April 29, 2011

Tutus!!!! aka Millie's 6 month shoot!

One of our friends is starting a shop on Etsy that sells tutus!  She asked me if she could use Millie as a model - and of course I said YES!  So she gave me these tutus to take pictures... it just so happens that it coincided with Millie turning 6 months - so I figured I'd do a combination 6 month and tutu shoot!  Hope you like tutus!! :)

I also figured I'd get a couple pictures of the two of them...

Daddy's sweet little girl! :)

Quick visit to the Beach

Some of our very good friends (Michelle and Conor) live in Destin FL - which is close enough to the wedding we were going to - so of course we had to go down and visit!  We had such a great time - even though we were only able to stay for a couple hours!  We hung out at their FABULOUS pool for a while - then walked to the beach for a couple minutes (the wind was blowing SO bad that we didn't stay long).  Anyway - Conor and Harrison cracked me up - check out the next picture!  
I can't remember what Conor was trying to convince Harrison to do here - but he obviously didn't want to do it! :)
He obviously didn't stay mad at him for too long!
This was on our walk to the beach... Bailey harassing Millie with her paci!  I thought she was going to jump over Corey's shoulder! 
Nice look Uncle B!
The girl wants her paci!!! :)
Brittoni saw a crazy tree - and of course had to have a picture!  I love it!
Where's Millie?
There she is!
The beach!!!!

The first time Millie's feet have hit the sand!  (She was on the beach in Hilton Head in Dec - but too little to put her feet in the sand!) :)
she seems pretty ok with it!
look at those sweet little rolls!
We tried to get HDG - but he was busy chasing birds - or yelling at Conor or something?!?!
B&B and the Beach! :)
see - he does not want to participate in pictures!
Millie and Mama!