Friday, January 6, 2012

Millie turns 1 - Part 2

After all of cake mess Millie had to go directly to the bath - I should have taken a picture of the bath water - now that was REALLY gross!

 While Millie got a bath - HDG enjoyed some cake!
 Mimi and G with Millie
 Papa took a break from building one of her toys to get a quick picture with Nana and Millie
 Aunt Addie with MK
 Aunt YaLa and Nana
 On G's way out he couldn't resist taking the birthday wreath off the front door and getting a quick picture
 After some of the family left Harrison and Aunt YaLa really wanted to build a fire in our backyard... I did not think this was a good idea - but as you can tell from Corey in the picture he was all in too!
Getting it started...
 Thumbs up from Harrison - although I couldn't get him to turn around 
because he would not take his eyes off that fire!
 after the fire was built of course they had to dance around it....
 I think Aunt YaLa was singing "from the window - to the wall...." haha!
 then they had to stand back and admire their little fire
 I love this shot - this was the rest of us sitting on the deck watching these crazies! 
and the fire crew!
This is how ALL 1st birthday end - right?!?!

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