Friday, January 6, 2012


Like I said - October was REALLY busy... here are some quick pictures from two showers I went to...  the first couple are from Aunt Brittoni's bridal luncheon - Millie was there - so of course I had to get some shots of her!

 look quick - I got a bow in her hair for a very short period of time!
 the cake - wasn't it pretty!
 shot of all the bridesmaids
I like this one better!
 Brittoni's cousin loved Millie - and as you can tell Millie loved her too!  So sweet!
Now on to Katie's baby shower...
 the other fabulous hosts had a craft day (we had a birthday party to go to so I didn't get to help) and MADE all of these decorations!  It was really cute!
 and the table decorations were the dessert - cookie pops!
Katie being crazy! :)
That's a great look on you Katie!
 haha - I loved this - I really wonder what was said! :)
I love this picture - there's a kid under that tissue paper! :)

Group shot - I love how studious we look in front of the books - 
we could be a law firm instead of a group at a baby shower! :)

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