Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dillard - Part 1

So a couple of years ago the Garner clang went up to the Dillard house for a day of fun - and we had such a good time we decided to do it again!
here we are bright and early - ready for breakfast!
MK is ready to eat too!
afterwards we walked out back to the "zoo" area - Corey and Harrison went to check out the Llama
here he is up close
Mimi and Millie checking out the goats and the chickens
Millie trying to get a closer look!
Brittoni getting a closer look too!
Group shot #1
and #2
Harrison wanted to hold Millie
it's a Garner totem pole 
Millie wanted to go check out the horses
Millie and Aunt Addie
picture with the pumpkins

hehe - i love this

Garner family photo

I don't think we'll ever get a good family shot!
Brittoni and Bailey
Addie and Rusty
Harrison trying to make the adults smile in the pictures - i love it!
Mimi and G
Corey and Millie being crazy

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