Friday, January 6, 2012

B&B wedding day!

So - since we were all in the wedding - I have a bunch of pictures from before the wedding - and some from after - but nothing from during!  Oh well - enjoy!
 Addie painting her nails :)
 Brittoni getting her makeup done

 some of the other bridesmaids getting ready

 Brittoni didn't like the peacock feathers in the flower arrangements - 
so a couple of us ripped them all out! haha!

 it was kinda chilly back in the room we were getting ready in - 
so we had some interesting outfits going on! :)
 This was Brittoni opening the letter and the gift from Bailey before the wedding
 I love her face!

 so excited!
 and she wore her pearl earrings for the wedding
 Brittoni started to cry - so here's Addie fixing her makeup
Brittoni in her dress!
 Chick-fil-a nugget break time!
 Brittoni doing her mom's hair!

 The church
 The boys getting ready
Aunt Addie helping Harrison :)
 Putting the dress back on
 At the reception with a couple other Garner girls!
 Cake cutting time

 the smash...
 and now the groom's cake
HDG and Marlie
 look at that sweet face...
 much better!

 Harrison bustin' a move with Marlie

Family picture!
 Millie and MK
 Price - Heffington - Garner pic
 the garter retrieval

 Garner - Sneed pic
 getting the bubbles ready
 here they come...

Mr. and Mrs. Garner - off to Cabo!

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