Sunday, December 4, 2011

Millie turns 1 - Part 1

I can't believe my little girl is already 1 - where has the time gone?!?  Since October was SO crazy for us - we decided to just have a little family party instead of anything big - so here are some pictures from her party...
The food wasn't ready yet - so we opened presents first...
Don't you just love her big tutu :)
she does NOT like bows!

family photo attempt #1... not so good
soooo cool!
we were trying to get a picture of the whole outfit - but that didn't go so well either!
The cake and the smash cake!
Harrison thought all the toys were for him!

It's cake time - someone's excited!

 she really wanted that candle

family photo attempt #2... better
this one's my favorite - i love Harrison's face!

 Harrison didn't get messy at his 1st birthday party - so he decided to stick his face in Millie's cake!

 notice Bel was right there to clean up anything that fell
 what a mess!

 The aftermath...

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The Price's said...

love all of these. i have the same shirt for lyla to wear :)