Friday, January 6, 2012

Harrison's school field trip...

So Harrison's preschool class went on a little field trip to a "farm" not too far from us... it was kind of a nasty day - but we had a good time anyway! :)
 first stop - the bounce house!
 then the corn maze
 class picture - please note that Harrison is the youngest kid in the class... but also the tallest!
time to feed the animals - Harrison wasn't too sure about it - but ended up having a great time!

 she wasn't too sure about it either :)

 Please notice the monkey up top... that's Harrison! :)
 This was the "snake" guy... he had a small snake that he let the kids touch 
(Harrison did not want to touch the snake)
a chinchilla - that Harrison did touch!
 a giant tortoise - that Harrison wouldn't touch...
 and a GIANT snake that the kids weren't aloud to touch!
 then they got in groups and built a scarecrow!
too cute!
 then lunch time!
 and last but not least... a hayride!
 Harrison and his cute little "girlfriend" - Anna!
this was an interesting farm.... there were ostrich... 
 a random horse... and some pigs....

 and zebra?!?!

 I can't tell if the kids liked it - or if they were just confused! :)
 there was a pumpkin patch on the way out... 
and I tried to get a picture of Harrison - but he did not want to participate... 
these were the best I could do....

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