Friday, January 6, 2012

Harrison's first trip to the dentist!

So I know most of my friend's kids have already been to the dentist - but I kept asking my dentist - and they said that as long as the kids take care of their teeth - and they're not having any problems - we didn't have to go until he was 4... so here we are - our first trip to the dentist!!!!  
This was a very different experience for me.... see - I've gone to the same dentist my entire life!!  Had the same hygienist my entire life... and my dentist office is very small!  There are only 2 dentist - and 3 hygienist ... however Corey goes to one of those huge dentist offices - and since my dentist is about 30 miles away (that's right - don't judge... I only go twice a year so I don't mind the drive!) we just decided to go to Corey's dentist!  When we walked in I was a little throw off - this place had a waiting room bigger than my entire dentist office.... then when they called us back I was REALLY thrown off by the super long hall - with about 50 hygienist "cubbies" - WOW!!!  It was really crazy - I have literally never seen anything like it in my life!  Anyway - that's not really important - Harrison had a great visit - and had NO CAVITIES!!!  He even got his first fluoride treatment - and did a great job!!!

 he looks like such a big man!!
 Millie waiting!
 waiting on the fluoride treatment...
 he wasn't so sure about this....
 but did a great job!
 the dentist checking him out...

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