Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dillard - Part 2

After the Dillard House we went to another favorite... Goats on the Roof - you'll see why it's called that....
Harrison with a bear that was inside
Aunt Brittoni and Harrison trying on crazy hats!

So there are different ways to get the food to the goats on the roof - and one way is to pedal the food up there - so Harrison wanted to try that
looks like he's having fun :)
the goat is waiting
almost there! :)
Mimi and G with HDG
the set up
sending the food over on a pulley 

watching the goat eat!
Bailey and Millie deep in thought
Brittoni and HDG playing on the train
G relaxing :)
next we went to an overlook - and there was a gift shop there... with hats! haha
Uncle Bailey
Aunt Addie
and Aunt Brittoni all had to try on some cool hats :)
crazy Millie :)
Then we went back to Mimi and G's - and that night we had s'mores!!! 
Harrison just likes the marshmallows 
Harrison didn't like to get close to the fire - so Aunt Brittoni was doing all the work!
Harrison is excited!
oh - crazy newlyweds! :)

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