Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Winshape Easter

Also during the "spring break week of fun" we went up to Rome to spend the night with Aunt Laura!  It just so happened that Winshape was having their Easter thing that night - so we got to go to that! :)
Millie is not so sure of that Chick-fil-a cow!
all the kids playing on the stage waiting for it all to get started
the director's wife was telling a story - holding Millie - and Millie was holding on to that poor woman for dear life - I think she was terrified of the other kids?!?!
the cow is back on stage - MK is not happy!
time to go hunt eggs - Millie is ready!
listening to the instructions
and they're off
Harrison off to find the candy
they don't look very serious about this hunt...
Millie "egg hunting" - I think she got about 5 eggs! haha
MK and Aunt Ya-La playing
so sweet!
checkin' out the goods
race time...
I love Laura's hair in this one
Millie is ready for a nap (and trying to hide from the bunny)
Harrison is good with the bunny - as long as Aunt Ya-La stays in the middle!
Next we went to dinner - Millie's favorite part was the dip!
and the cookie
and it wasn't long before her face looked like this - covered in chocolate!

Then Laura had to run to the car - because she had a present for HDG.... she came back like this...
HAHA - a dinosaur hat - AWESOME!
Harrison loved it too!
Millie wanted to try it on too!
Next it was off to see some baby horses...
One of the babies came right over to the fence to be petted!
Millie wasn't too sure... but Erik showed her it was ok!
so she gave it a try!
then she was good with it! :) I love it!
now off to swan creek.... via the large open field - time to run!
see - there was a swan at swan lake!
Harrison wasn't so sure of the swans/ducks
Erik on the other hand likes to pet the ducks.... crazy!!!!
more running in an open area - I love it when they hold hands!
I love Harrison's face in this one....
and Millie's face in this one!! bahaha!
quick group shot before she runs!
she just wanted a bench to herself!
she's happy!
one more Millie face!

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