Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Birthday Celebration!

Since there were a BUNCH of kids in Harrison's preschool class that had summer birthdays - they had a summer birthday celebration in Harrison's class before the end of school....  The parent's of the summer birthday kids got to come in and help with different things... I got to help make a craft! :)  Anyway - here are some pictures...
Here they are sitting around talking about the kind of cake they'd like to make...
Getting out their bowls - getting ready to make their pretend cakes
Millie chillin' out
all the birthday kids getting ready for the real cake - see there were 6 of them - almost half the class!!  Also please notice that Harrison is the youngest - and almost a head taller than the other kids! :)  I love it!
the other kids - waiting to sing!
the class :)
cheese :)
lunch and cake time!

And now - a couple of random pics of Millie and Corey I thought I'd throw in! :)

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