Thursday, May 24, 2012

Movie in the Park

At the beginning of May the big park behind our neighborhood had a "Family Movie in the Park" night!  They played Puss and Boots which Harrison has wanted to see for a while - so we went!  The movie didn't start until dark - so when we got there we had some time to spare - so we had a little play ground time!
Millie - stealing Harrison's seat

the park set up
play ground time!

brave little girl - this is a BIG slide!

sweet girl

dad and HDG
Dad and MK - I love her face!!!
I think that means - MORE FROZEN ICE MAN!
much better!
Mom and MK - ignore the sweat... since we were already at the park I decided to go for a run to waste a little time!
Mom and HDG
still waiting for it to get dark....
time for a little cupid shuffle.... I think this is a hop!
maybe some sliding here?
and finally - how low can you go?!? :)

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