Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter with the Garners

Pictures from Easter day....
the baskets
Harrison was SO excited!
checkin' it all out...
Millie didn't care as much
she did however want the marshmallows!
Harrison was happy about the squinkies!
Cinnamon roll bunnies
so cute!
playing with Aunt Addie's phone!
don't tell Millie this - but she's wearing a BOW!!! :)
sweet girl looking out the window...

church is over - now time to hunt eggs!
Harrison takes this egg hunting very seriously!
Millie not so much...
She did like that there was candy inside the eggs...

then she drooled chocolate on her dress - so we had to strip her down and Mimi went to save the dress! :)
trying to get a picture of them in their Easter outfits...
easier said that done...
The best I could do!
I'll try to jump in - not the best pic of the three of us - but I'll take it!
Uncle B & Aunt B with the kiddos
Aunt Addie with the kiddos
with Mimi and G
group shot

checking out their Easter baskets from Mimi and G

the girls
Millie loves this car!
Harrison trying to get Millie to go hunt eggs
crazy face...

I know this is blurry - but she's too cute!
Millie hunting eggs...

hehe - crazy faces with Aunt Addie!
Egg hunting....
look what I found...
two fun colored eggs
they're WHAT??  Money eggs????
even better!
for that I'll do a happy dance!  Happy Easter!

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