Thursday, May 24, 2012

Liz's Shower

Next up is a baby shower for another friend - Liz!  
Liz doesn't know if she's having a boy or a girl - so we made everyone take a guess and pick either pink or blue for their cup!
all the food! yum!
the delicious cup cakes made by Michelle!
and petit fours decorated by Kristi!
the owl diaper cake
the favors
Kristi and Katelyn - Katelyn turned 1 the next day!! :)
Ashley - Liz - and Brooke
doing the string test to decide if she's having a boy or a girl... the string said BOY

there were a couple of other girls there that were pregnant - that knew what they were having - so we tried the string test on them.... Michelle's having a girl - and the string got it right!
Nichole is having a boy and the string got it right too!

Dani and Michelle - two of the cutest pregnant girls I know!

gift time

so happy!
Liz lives in Colorado - so rather than bringing a lot of gifts that she'd have to bring home some of us shipped them to her house - then gave her hints as to what would be waiting for her at home!
a couple of the girls - although some had already left!

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