Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rome Braves - Opening Day 2012

Some pictures from the Rome Braves opening day 2012....  The best part???  Guess who was pitching??  My FAVORITE - Tim Hudson!!!  Woo hoo!!!  Sorry - there are lots of Huddy pictures... just deal with it! :)
pre game
throwing a ball to a kid in the crowd!
national anthem - pay attention Tim :)
warm up pitches

First pitch!
Mom - I'm trying to watch the game - stop trying to take my picture!
Yeah - Harrison and Mom!
MK and Aunt Ya-La
More Tim...
Harrison eating - again....

more Tim...

a Millie and Mama moment...
Aunt Ya-La playing peek-a-boo! :)
girls picture!
crazy eyes!

getting Tim's autograph!
Millie was impressed!
Picture with Huddy!!!  LOVE IT!

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