Thursday, May 24, 2012

Harrison Graduates Preschool!

Next up was Harrison's graduation from preschool!  Harrison was so excited that EVERYONE was able to make it... sorry in advance if this is a long post - it was just too darn cute!
Millie getting ready!

here are the kids coming out for the first performance!  
Notice that Harrison is running around like a crazy man (he's the one in blue of course)!
ok - ready!
time for some bells!!!

watching his music teacher - so he knows when to ring his bell!  He did a great job!!
this is his little girlfriend Anna!  She's a cutie!

Hey mom!
Now the second performance - singing Our God is a Great Big God - with hand motions!
hehe! :)

Millie wanted to get in on the hand motions too!
Harrison walking across the stage for his diploma!
 the hand shake!!
oh yeah!!!
Group shot!
Now time for Harrison with everyone!

I love this one!
Garner family!
a kiss for the graduate!
with his teachers - Ms Hazel and Ms Kathy - we're really going to miss them next year!
Some how Uncle Bailey ended up with Millie's bow :)

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